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Strikes and repression spread across the African continent

Strikes and repression spread across the African continent Workers have suffered repression and evictions to try and stop the spread of the virus, but there has also been fightback in the form of strikes.

City of Thorns—the forgotten refugee camp where lives are left in limbo

City of Thorns—the forgotten refugee camp where lives are left in limbo New book City of Thorns uses interviews to build a powerful picture of the lives of refugees in the world’s largest camp in Kenya, writes?Ken Olende

Obama leads a new scramble for Africa

Obama leads a new scramble for Africa Barack Obama has economic as well as strategic motivations in mind for his extended interest in Africa, writes Alex Callinicos

Kenya bombs Somalia after university assault kills 148

Kenya bombs Somalia after university assault kills 148 Kenya’s regular air attacks on Somalia and Al Shabaab's frequent terror attacks are part of an ongoing conflict, explains Ken Olende

The roots of Al Shabaab

The roots of Al Shabaab The killing of 148 students at Kenya’s Garissa University College by Somali Islamist insurgents Al Shabaab marks the latest episode of bloodletting in a cycle of violence into which the region has been locked for some time.

Kenya attacks Islamist fighters in Somalia

The Kenyan government claims that its forces in Somalia, east Africa, have killed more than 100 Islamist fighters, in retaliation for attacking a bus in Kenya. But the Islamist Al Shabaab group has dismissed this as “absurd”.

40,000 Kenyans demand compensation for British atrocities in Mau Mau war

04 November 2014

Somalis held in custody in Kenya

15 April 2014
Around 4,000 Somalis were rounded up in Kenya last week and held in a football stadium for processing.

Britain's brutal legacy in Kenya

17 December 2013
Fifty years after Kenyan independence Ken Olende looks at the crimes of British colonialism, the Mau Mau rebels who fought back, and their betrayal by Kenya’s new rulers

Operation Legacy: When Britain burned the paper trail of its imperial crimes

03 December 2013
Britain burned a huge number of damning documents in secret to hide the shame of its brutal empire. Ken Olende looks at Operation Legacy

Raid in Somalia goes awry for US Navy special forces

08 October 2013
US special forces failed to capture a leader of the Islamist group Al Shabaab in the Somali town of Barawe last weekend

Nairobi shopping mall horror is the high price of war

24 September 2013
The roots of the violence in Kenya lie in years of intervention in Somalia, says Ken Olende

Kenya's government feels the heat from workers' strikes

16 July 2013
A national strike by teachers in Kenya entered its 22nd day on Tuesday of this week. 

Mau Mau case - when 'sorry' is the hardest word

11 June 2013
The Foreign Office was quick to clarify last week that the foreign secretary was not making an apology for the British government. 

'Sincere regret' from British government over Mau Mau war torture and promise to compensate victims

11 June 2013
The government agreed on Thursday of last week to compensate Kenyans tortured by the British during the 1950s Mau Mau war.

British government forced to apologise to Kenyans tortured in 1950s

06 June 2013
Foreign secretary William Hague was today, Thursday, forced to apologise to Kenyan victims of the Mau Mau war of the 1950s. But he made it clear that his government does not accept responsibility for the crimes of colonialism

Climbdown as British government agrees to negotiate compensation for Mau Mau veterans

07 May 2013
The British government is in negotiation with lawyers about levels of compensation for veterans of the Mau Mau war in Kenya. 

Kenyan elections expose official British hypocrisy

21 March 2013
At the same time as Britain condemns new Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta for his indictment by the International Criminal Court, the British government is trying to avoid paying compensation to people it tortured in the country during the 1950s, writes Ken Olende

British government tries to stop Mau Mau torture compensation

31 December 2012
The government has decided to contest the right of Kenyan people tortured by British forces during the Mau Mau War to claim compensation.

Mau Mau war veterans win right to sue Britain over torture

05 October 2012
Three veterans of the Mau Mau war in Kenya have won the right to take the British government to court for torture in the 1950s.

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