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Arrest reveals EU and US in alliance with Turkey

12 February 2005
The arrest of one of the most prominent Kurdish officials by Germany, at the request of Turkey, signals a new era of co-operation between Turkey and the EU, within a framework set by the US.

Who says?

15 January 2005
"I think the people who are trying to do this are totally ignorant, or incompetent, or both."Najmaldin Karim president of the Washington Kurdish Institute on the confusion surrounding postal votes for Iraqi Americans.

Refugee protests

28 August 2004
MORE than 150 people marched through Sheffield last Saturday in support of a Kurdish asylum seeker who had been on hunger strike for over 40 days.

Defend asylum seekers

21 August 2004
CAMPAIGNERS are stepping up action to defend Naseh Ghafor, the 20 year old Kurdish refugee who is being threatened with deportation to Iraq.

May Day

08 May 2004
LONDON: Up to 3,000 people marched through London on the annual protest called by the Greater London TUC and backed by Globalise Resistance and other groups. The march brought together trade unionists, anti-capitalist protesters, pensioners, Turkish and Kurdish political activists, and students. Speakers at a rally in Trafalgar Square denounced the use of torture by the occupying armies in Iraq. Many spoke out against the fascist BNP. London Mayor Ken Livingstone said, \"Whoever you are planning to vote for on 10 June, make sure you use your vote against the BNP.\"

Refugee protest

27 March 2004
AFTER 28 days on hunger strike, and at the urging of their friends and supporters, the "Glasgow Three", Faroq Haidari, Fariborz Gravindi and Mokhtar Haydary, have ended their hunger strike. The three, Kurdish refugees from Iran, have been heartened by the growing support for their fight against deportation from across Scotland and beyond. They were also strengthened by a protest in their support at the Scottish Parliament last week.

Kurdish rights

21 February 2004
MORE THAN 1,000 people marched in London last week as part of demonstrations in several countries demanding the release of Kurdish leader Ocalan and freedom for Kurdistan. Demonstrators in London were agreed that the US occupation of Iraq had not brought genuine Kurdish liberation any closer.

Stop the war

05 July 2003
Hackney AROUND 200 people came to hear George Galloway speak against the occupation of Iraq in Hackney, east London, on Saturday of last week. The meeting was part of the Turkish and Kurdish Day Mer Festival for Peace. Mustafa Yalciner, from the Turkish Labour Party, joined Galloway on the platform.

No liberation from the great powers

05 April 2003
THE US and Britain claim they are fighting in Iraq to liberate people like the Kurds. The leaders of the two factions that rule the Kurdish area in northern Iraq are cooperating with the US. But the whole history of the Middle East is one of great powers promising the Kurds liberation, and then betraying them.

Northern Iraq - No example of liberation

22 February 2003
ONE OF the sickest and most dishonest arguments of supporters of Bush's war is that it is about liberating the people of Iraq, especially oppressed groups like the Shi'a Muslims and the Kurds. Commentators say that the Kurdish area of northern Iraq, which has been free of Iraqi government control since 1991, shows the kind of democracy and human rights the US will bring to Iraq.

Starvation is Labour policy

25 January 2003
AS A result of recent changes in government policy, asylum seekers are being evicted from their homes, having all benefits removed and being denied the right to work. Most are Iraqi Kurds. We challenged my local MP and immigration minister Beverley Hughes to say what the government expects Kurdish refugees to do in such circumstances.


02 November 2002
THE RESULTS of the general election set to take place in Turkey on Sunday are hard to predict, with opinion polls notorious for their unreliability. But the political instability gripping the country is likely to be reflected in the vote. It could be that none of the parties in the current coalition government will get a single seat in parliament. An election rule designed to prevent Kurdish parties getting parliamentary seats requires any party to get 10 percent of votes across Turkey to get any MPs.

Abusing the Kurds again

05 October 2002
THE HYPOCRISY of Bush and Blair's propaganda against Saddam Hussein is striking in very many ways. But few can feel more nauseated by this hypocrisy than the Kurdish people of Iraq and Turkey. They, more directly than anyone else, know that Saddam is a ruthless and bloody dictator.

Occupation is a spark?

10 August 2002
THE FAR right in Turkey held a demonstration last weekend against the government's proposals to lift the death penalty and ease restrictions on Kurdish speakers. It is a sign of the deepening crisis inside the country. The prime minister, Bulent Ecevit, is putting the changes forward as part of Turkey's bid to join the European Union (EU).


15 June 2002
THE DUMAN family are continuing their campaign against deportation with a national petition. Mr and Mrs Duman and their children-Mazlum, Nazim, Ali and Inan-are a Kurdish family who came to Britain in 1999.


15 June 2002
KURDISH ASYLUM seekers are on hunger strike outside the Plymouth headquarters of the National Immigration Office. The protest started on Thursday 6 June following repeated attempts to obtain a hearing and acknowledgement of asylum rights.

A mockery of justice

04 December 1999
AN APPEAL court in Turkey upheld the death sentence on Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan last week. The five judges said Ocalan's original trial had been "conducted in accordance with legal procedures".

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