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Demonstrate against Israel's attack on Lebanon

22 July 2006
London - Saturday 22 July, 12 noon, Embankment, central London (nearest station Embankment).Go to <a href="" target = "_blank"> </a>Organised by Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Muslim Association of Britain, British Muslim Initiative, Lebanese organisations. Glasgow - George Square, Glasgow, Saturday 22 July, 12 noon Called by Stop the War Coaltion Manchester - The BBC, Oxford Rd, Manchester, Saturday 22 July, 1pm For info e-mail <a

An unequal conflict - Israel’s war on Lebanon

22 July 2006
Reports from Lebanon by Sonia Knox, Christian Henderson, and Jim Quilty

Zionism: Israeli war drive fuelled by murderous doctrine

22 July 2006
In less than five days last week, US equipped Israeli war planes wrecked the infrastructure of Lebanon’s society - with Lebanese civilian deaths running at over ten times the number of civilian deaths in Israel.

Lebanese demonstration outside Parliament

22 July 2006
Hundreds of people demonstrated in Parliament Square last night against Israel's attack on Lebanon and Gaza. The protest started as a candle-lit vigil at 9pm set to coincide with a late sittiing of Parliament. At around 10pm protesters rushed into the road outside Paliament, which they occupied for some time.

Lebanon’s history of resistance to Zionism

22 July 2006
Israel’s assault on Lebanon has revived bitter memories of its previous onslaughts on that nation. In 1982 Israel invaded Lebanon. Some 14,000 Lebanese and Palestinians were killed in the ensuing conflict.

Another 'catastrophe' in the Middle East

22 July 2006
The campaign of terror that Israel is waging against the Palestinians in Gaza and against the Lebanese is frighteningly similar to the terror that was used to create the Israeli state in 1948. The Palestinians call the creation of Israel the Nakba - the catastrophe.

Left launches campaign to challenge New Labour

22 July 2006
Tony Blair’s envoy to the Middle East is a very busy man. Not with Palestine or Lebanon or even Iraq - but helping the police with their inquiries.

George Galloway: Blair is Israel’s ally

22 July 2006
Imagine if Lebanon destroyed every bridge in Israel, blew up the international airport, blockaded the ports, severed every arterial road, ordered people to leave their homes and then bombed them to pieces when they did... Do you think any Western leader would utter the words "Lebanon has a right to defend itself"?

Eyewitness reports from Israel's assault on Lebanon

15 July 2006
Socialist Worker is gathering reports from Lebanon. These will be updated regularly

Demonstrations called over Lebanon and Palestine

15 July 2006
London The Stop the War Coalition has called an emergency demonstration in London for next Saturday, 22 July. It is demanding 'Hands off Lebanon' and 'Freedom for Palestine'.

Israeli offensive into Lebanon

15 July 2006
Israeli troops are pouring across the Lebanese border as warplanes and gunboats have shelled villages and destroyed bridges and roads near the historic city of Tyre.

Lebanon: anger on the streets as the Cedar Revolution wilts

20 May 2006
A quarter of a million workers, students and professionals marched through the streets of Beirut on Wednesday of last week in one of the biggest workers’ demonstrations in Lebanon’s history. Schools, shops and businesses closed for a day in solidarity with the demonstrators.

Italy – can the party last?

13 May 2006
Read our monthly supplement, with a lead article by Chris Bambery on Italy, an interview with French novelist Faïza Guène, Third World Reports on Nepal, Nicaragua and Lebanon, and much more

Gaza disengagement was new stage in Israeli control

14 January 2006
The day that Ariel Sharon slipped into a coma British foreign minister Jack Straw announced to the Lebanese press in Beirut that he was "praying for a miracle" to save Sharon’s life.


07 January 2006
Australia’s racist shame In the worst racist attacks seen in Australia for decades, a mainly white crowd viciously attacked Lebanese or Muslim people in a riot that developed at Cronulla beach in Sydney on Sunday 11 December last year.

Gaza withdrawal offers space for freedom

27 August 2005
The Palestinian refugees in Lebanon watched every second of the withdrawal of the Israeli settlers from the Gaza Strip over the last few days.

Who says?

06 August 2005
"The Palestinians are the pikeys of the Middle East. If they must have a homeland give them part of Saudi Arabia, because the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Jordanians and the Lebanese don’t want them either." Richard Littlejohn, writing in the Sun

Poll stitch-up in Beirut

04 June 2005
The first round of voting in Lebanon’s elections has exposed the reality behind the "new dawn for democracy" in the Middle East.

Iraq: ‘We can see there are different forces in Britain’

02 April 2005
Sheikh Hassan al-Zarqani is the foreign affairs spokesperson for Moqtada al-Sadr, the rebel Iraqi Shia cleric. Sadr’s Mahdi Army launched an armed uprising against the US occupation of Iraq in April 2004. Sheikh al-Zarqani lives in exile in Lebanon after the US issued a warrant for his arrest. He represented Moqtada al-Sadr’s movement at the Cairo Conference.

Why Hizbollah will keep up the struggle

19 March 2005
The US is attempting to interfere in Lebanon’s politics. The US has made no secret about its intentions for Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.

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