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The great betrayal of Palestine by the Arab ruling classes

29 July 2014
Arab leaders condemn Israel. But their ties to Western imperialism mean they aren’t real allies in the fight for Palestinian liberation, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

‘The West’s war will weaken Syria's revolution’

03 September 2013
Western intervention will either strengthen Assad’s grip or destroy the gains of the Syrian revolt, says Lebanese socialist Bassem Chit

Syrian conflict sucks in Lebanon

25 June 2013
Syria’s bloody conflict is destabilising the region as Bashar al-Assad’s regime fights to hold onto power against what began as a popular revolution.

Assassination threatens Beirut with return of sectarian violence

23 October 2012
The car bomb that killed the head of Lebanese intelligence in Beirut on Friday of last week has dragged the country further into the Syrian crisis.

Electricity workers in Lebanon strike back against casualisation

20 July 2012
Some 2,300 electricity workers in Lebanon have been on strike for the past 79 days. They are demanding permanent contracts from Électricité du Liban (EdL), the state department that manages electricity in the country.

Film: Where Do We Go Now?

26 June 2012
Nadine Labaki is the Lebanese director of Caramel. Her latest film is set in an unspecified Middle Eastern village where Muslims and Christians live.

Strikes in Lebanon undermine sectarianism

05 June 2012
The biggest danger of a sectarian "spillover" is in Lebanon. There have been sectarian clashes in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, close to the border with Syria’s restive cities of Homs and Hama.

Beirut conference backs Palestine

02 August 2011
Some 100 people gathered in Beirut in Lebanon last week for the week-long Viva Palestina Summer University. Its subject was "the new Middle East—people power, democracy and Palestine".

Britain sells death

22 February 2011
Bahrain: assault rifles, tear gas, ammunition, aircraft partsEgypt: bombs, missiles, body armourLibya: ammunition, tear gas, crowd control equipmentYemen: body armour, ammunitionAlgeria: combat helicoptersTunisia: gun parts Kuwait: military software, anti-riot shieldsMorocco: bomb partsSyria: ammunitionLebanon: body armour, shotgunsJordan: armoured vehicles, gun parts, gas mask filtersUnited

Imperialism lies behind collapse of Lebanese government

25 January 2011
Political and sectarian tensions in Lebanon are at the fore once more. On Tuesday, the Hizbollah-backed candidate for prime minister, Najib Mikati, was appointed. Anti-Hizbollah demonstrations broke out in the north of the country as the appointement was announced.

Walid Raad: Miraculous Beginnings

19 October 2010
Walid Raad says his work "was in some ways made possible by the wars in Lebanon". He playfully considers the effects of conflict not only on body and mind, but also on art itself. Miraculous Beginnings is the first survey of his work from the past twenty years.

Solidarity appeal from Lebanese sit-in

04 August 2010
Open Sit-In Since 12 July 2010, workers of the FuturePipe Factory in North Lebanon have been holding an open sit-in protesting against the closure of the factory. The management of the factory had stated that the reason behind closure is due to significant losses.

Western-backed parties win crucial Lebanese elections

09 June 2009
The governing coalition in Lebanon swept back into power in the general election last Sunday.

Beirut conference calls for solidarity with Palestine

20 January 2009
Palestine has become a unifying force across the globe. That was the main sentiment of a conference against imperialism that took place in Lebanon last weekend.

Islamophobia: reject the divisions

13 January 2009
Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyhu wrote that "militant Islam threatens us all". The Israeli state has lost the political and moral argument over its assault on Gaza just as it did over its invasion of Lebanon in 2006.

Targeting the Arab rulers over inaction on Israel

06 January 2009
Demonstrations and sit-ins have been organised daily in Beirut and other cities in Lebanon since the beginning of Israel’s aggression against Gaza.

Waltz With Bashir: Reliving nightmare of Israel’s 1982 war on Lebanon

25 November 2008
Waltz With Bashir is a film that highlights the horror of war.


16 September 2008
Set in Beirut, this film explores the lives of five working class women in modern Lebanon. It is set in a beauty parlour called So Pretty.

Lebanon deal is a blow to US power

27 May 2008
The lebanese peace deal, negotiated in Doha, Qatar, last week, has cleared the way for Michel Suleiman, the head of the army, to become president of Lebanon.

US threats to Middle East oil producers backfire on Bush

27 May 2008
Seemingly unabashed by his disaster in Lebanon, George Bush sauntered around the Egyptian resort of Sharm el‑Sheikh for the World Economic Forum on the Middle East demanding that Arab countries "mend their ways".

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