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George Bush blocks Lebanon deal

06 November 2007
The US is blocking a compromise between the Lebanese government and opposition over the election of a new president for Lebanon.

Did the Lebanese army deliberately destroy homes of Palestinians?

30 October 2007
Evidence is emerging that the Lebanese army deliberately destroyed the homes of Palestinians in the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon during a siege this summer.

US wants bases in Lebanon

23 October 2007
The US wants to set up a string of military bases in Lebanon as part of its plans to develop a wider military strategy in the Middle East.

Report blows apart Israel’s Lebanon lies

11 September 2007
Israel repeatedly lied during its war on Lebanon last summer to justify airstrikes on civilians, their homes and their neighbourhoods. That is the conclusion of a year-long investigation by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) group.

Eamonn McCann in Lebanon: 'There’s no profit in peace for Raytheon'

04 September 2007
It was the sudden eruption at the back of the room upstairs at Sandino’s bar which brought us eventually to the burial ground at Qana. At the edge of the Lebanese village, pictures of each of the 28 victims were displayed on a wall around the canopied space where the graves are laid out in a precise, neat pattern by the spot where the building they were crushed under once stood.

Palestinian demonstrators shot dead in cold blood by Lebanese troops

03 July 2007
Lebanese soldiers opened fire on a demonstration of Palestinian refugees in the Beddawi camp near Tripoli in northern Lebanon on Friday of last week, killing at least two people and wounding dozens more.

Palestinians in Lebanon caught in a war of the camps

05 June 2007
There are growing fears that the Lebanese army’s assault on the refugee camp of Nahr el-Bared near the northern city of Tripoli will become part of a general offensive against Palestinian refugees across Lebanon.

Lebanon crisis: Refugees attacked as right wing militias stalk the streets

29 May 2007
The siege of Nahr el-Bared, a Palestinian refugee camp in north Lebanon, is in now its second week.

Eyewitness to Palestinians under siege in Lebanon

29 May 2007
The Lebanese army, backed by the US and France, is tightening its siege on the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr el-Bared.

Organising support for Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon

25 May 2007
The continuing siege by the Lebanese army of the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp has created a humanitarian crisis. Lebanese and Palestinian organisations are appealing for aid. Go to <a href="" target = "_blank">&raquo;</a>

State to blame for violence in Lebanon

22 May 2007
The attack by the Lebanese army on the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp in north Lebanon has left a trail of death and devastation.

Photos of reconstruction in Lebanon after Israeli attacks

03 March 2007

Reconstructing Lebanon

03 March 2007
Dahieh Thousands of Shiite Muslims packed into the Master of the Martyrs hall in Dahieh, South Beirut, earlier this year for the climax of the Achoura festival – their most important religious date. It is incredible to see thousands packed into the Wembley Arena sized venue for the solemn ceremony. More amazing still is the fact that less than five months ago this hall was a burned out shell after being destroyed by dozens of Israeli missiles.

Pictures from south Lebanon

17 February 2007

Tension and reconstruction in south Lebanon

17 February 2007
Aitaroun is typical of the border villages of south Lebanon that were occupied during last year’s war. Town representative Najab Kousan explains that 150 houses and businesses were destroyed with a further 45 bulldozed and 250 in need of repair.

Lebanon protest camp interviews

10 February 2007
The Lebanese opposition’s protest camp in downtown Beirut demanding the resignation of the country’s US-backed government is entering its second month. The protesters are drawn from opposition parties across the religious divide. Activists spoke to Guy Smallman about their campaign.

Lebanon's opposition in crisis

03 February 2007
The pro-US government in Lebanon is attempting to unleash a sectarian war to derail an opposition movement led by Hizbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM).

Lebanon: general strike paralyses the country

27 January 2007
Workers in Beirut set fire to rubbish bins as a general strike against the US-backed government paralysed the country this week. There are pickets and barricades across most major roads.

Lebanese workers protest against privatisation and tax

20 January 2007
Lebanese workers shout anti-government slogans outside the telecommunications ministry in a protest against privatisation and tax increases.

US war strategy is caught between a rock and a hard place

06 January 2007
The imperial project in the Middle East is damaged but not destroyed. It is damaged in part because of the successive blows that have rained down on it from the Iraqi, Afghan, Palestinian and Lebanese resistance since 2002.

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