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United protests put Lebanese government on the defensive

09 December 2006
Beirut has become the focus of a new movement that is challenging the US-backed government and the political system that put them in power.

Opposition demands real change in Lebanon

02 December 2006
The Lebanese opposition movement, led by Hizbollah, the Communist Party and the predominantly Christian Free Patriotic Movement, has called on its supporters to begin a street campaign to oust the US-backed government of Fouad Siniora.

Assassination of Pierre Gemayel in Lebanon strengthens right

25 November 2006
Pierre Gemayel, Lebanon’s minister of industry and a scion of one of the country’s most powerful Christian families, was shot dead in a Beirut suburb on Tuesday 22 November.

Lebanese leaders face a showdown

25 November 2006
A confrontation was looming this week between the US backed Lebanese government of Fouad Siniora and the opposition anti-imperialist bloc.

Reports round-up

18 November 2006
School students march in London Fifty school students took part in a die-in last Saturday to remember the dead of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon. This was during a weekend when the establishment picks and chooses which of the dead we are to remember.

Ilan Pappé on Israel's crisis after the Lebanon war

11 November 2006
As could have been expected, the Israeli political system moved to the right as a result of the last Lebanon war.

Day of action for Palestine

07 October 2006
With the people of Lebanon still reeling from Israel’s brutal bombardment which killed over a thousand civilians, let us not forget that Israel’s onslaught against the Palestinian people of Gaza and the West Bank has continued unabated. Since 25 June, when Palestinian militants took an Israeli soldier prisoner, some 240 Palestinians have been killed, of whom at least 197 were civilians and including 48 children.

Full extent of Israel's devastation of Lebanon revealed

07 October 2006
The Samidoun solidarity network has done a damage assessment of 70 villages across south Lebanon. The figures reveal the shocking extent of Israel’s war.

Lebanon was last straw - Tony Woodley

07 October 2006
Tony Woodley, the general secretary of the T&G union, summed up delegates’ frustration with New Labour, but also the limitations of that opposition.

Israel breaks ceasefire - and the UN turns a blind eye

23 September 2006
The United Nations (UN) has broken its pledge to protect Lebanon from Israeli attacks, saying instead that it will focus on disarming the resistance.

Drive out Blair… and all he stands for!

23 September 2006
Join the Time to Go demonstration in Manchester to push Blair out, and make hime realise when he goes that it was his policies on Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon that finished him. Don't let him forget that the vast majority of the population hate his privatisation policies.

Holidaying in misery?

16 September 2006
According to a recent article in the Guardian travel section, the best place for tourists to visit this autumn are those laid waste by imperialism, such as Lebanon.

Tony Blair in Beirut: fury at war criminal’s state visit

16 September 2006
‘As I speak thousands of Lebanese people are streaming in from the southern suburbs of Beirut to protest against Blair. The demonstration is very mixed - there are Christians, Shia and Sunni, family groups and flags from all sorts of parties.

Turkish troops for Lebanon: doing Israel’s dirty work

09 September 2006
This time round, the Turkish government got what it wanted. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül, perhaps the only two people in the country who had no reservations about sending troops to Lebanon, brought the vote in parliament as far forward as legally possible and railroaded their own party’s deputies into voting in favour. We needed 85 to vote against, only 15 did so. The government spent hours explaining how the troops would not fight, not touch Hizbollah, not do anything to help anyone but the Lebanese!

Photographer returns from Lebanon war

09 September 2006

Anger grows as Turkish parliament prepares for vote on troops for Lebanon

09 September 2006
As Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday of this week, the Turkish parliament was set to vote on sending troops to Lebanon as part of the United Nations (UN) force.

Lebanon diary: ‘Residential buildings have been hit at random, rubble is everywhere’

02 September 2006
Wednesday 23 August: ‘Khiam became a symbol of resistance’ Standing on a hill above the village of Khiam in southern Lebanon lie the ruins of a prison used by the Israelis during the occupation to hold detainees - a place of torture and despair.

Israel targeted farms and homes

02 September 2006
An early survey of the destruction in Lebanon shows that Israel deliberately attempted to destroy the Lebanese economy during the month-long war - targeting farms, hospitals and generators.

Artists express anger at Lebanon war

02 September 2006
"Are you with Spiderman?" enquires a representative of Hizbollah’s cultural wing.

Say no to US-driven sanctions against Iran

02 September 2006
The US government has reacted to its humiliation over Lebanon by ratcheting up the pressure on Iran.

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