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Racism against Muslims is unveiled

20 July 2010
Recent attacks on Muslim women wearing face coverings are simple Islamophobia.

Is Britain more racist than it used to be?

29 June 2010
The police are seven times more likely to stop and search you if you’re black than if you’re white, a government report revealed last week.

Bolton MP speaks out over protest

22 June 2010
Bolton’s newly elected Labour MP, Yasmin Qureshi, has added her support to the campaign to defend activists charged during the Unite Against Fascism protest in Bolton in March.

Minister caves in to Islamophobia

22 June 2010
A dangerous precedent of climbing down in the face of pressure from the EDL was set last week.

East End's defiant protest against the racist EDL

22 June 2010
A massive display of resistance met the threat by the racist English Defence League (EDL) to march through the heart of east London’s Muslim community last Sunday.

Parties play the race card

13 April 2010
The Tories are happy to whip up racism to grab votes.

The Angola Three: Bound, gagged and jailed in the land of the free

30 March 2010
Former Black Panther Robert King spoke to Ken Olende about his life in prison—the basis for a new film

In The Land of the Free exposes the US’s racism and brutality

30 March 2010
This excellent documentary, narrated by Samuel L Jackson, reveals the injustice, racism and brutality at the heart of the US prison system.

Islam is not a virus needing ‘treatment’

02 March 2010
West Yorkshire chief constable Norman Bettison’s comments in Generation Jihad on BBC2 are a matter of grave concern.

A Sivanandan: John Denham is wrong to downplay race

19 January 2010
In a way John Denham’s statements are an advance on previous New Labour positions, in that he emphasises the need to look at racial disadvantage in class terms.

Assed Baig: Why is anti-fascist activist under attack?

08 December 2009
A right wing campaign to remove Assed Baig, the president of Staffordshire University student union and anti-fascist activist, is continuing.

Anti-Muslim attacks on students

10 November 2009
A series of brutal attacks on Asian students at City University in north London has underlined the vicious consequences of rising anti-Muslim racism.

Intelligent racism?

27 October 2009
There are few more contentious topics in science than the question of whether genes determine human intelligence – particularly whether different "races" have different levels of intelligence.

John Brown’s rebellion heralded the death of slavery

13 October 2009
This week marks the 150th anniversary of a rebellion that helped end slavery in the United States. Michael Bradley looks back at a raid that many said was doomed to failure, and at John Brown, the man who led it.

Striking Women: Voices of South Asian Workers

13 October 2009
This foyer exhibition celebrates the role played by South Asian women in two vital industrial disputes – at Grunwick in the 1970s, and Gate Gourmet in 2005.

TUC vigil for victims of racism and fascism

15 September 2009

20,000 pack into Hull anti-racist carnival

15 September 2009
More than 20,000 people of all backgrounds packed into a Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) show at the second annual Freedom Festival in Hull last weekend.

Defend the Harrow mosque

01 September 2009
"We won’t let racists or fascists divide us." That is the message from Harrow, west London, in response to plans by racist thugs in the English Defence League (EDL) to hold an anti-Muslim protest at Harrow Central Mosque on Friday 11 September.

Heavy policing at Notting Hill Carnival

01 September 2009

Dominique Walker: ‘Unite against racists who killed my brother’

14 July 2009
"It is like he was dancing on my brother’s grave." That is the response of Dominique Walker to fascist British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin’s claims that the murder of her brother, Anthony, was not a racist attack.

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