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Don’t let Tory intimidation take away right to protest

08 March 2021
The right to protest is under severe attack as the Tories ramp up the fining of protesters and look set to keep restrictions in place for months.

Rage at racism as trial of cop involved in George Floyd killing begins

08 March 2021
US authorities were braced for protests as the jury selection began on Monday in the trial of a cop involved in the death of George Floyd.

Blood money—how wealth created by slavery bankrolled capitalist Britain

06 March 2021
The rich who gained from slavery hope talking up their charitable investments will help them escape people’s anger. But as Isabel Ringrose argues, they grabbed obscene amounts of money through the slave trade and in compensation—and they should be forced to pay for it

System bars Shamima Begum from coming home

02 March 2021
The court ruling that Begum can’t enter Britain sets a racist precedent that anyone’s citizenship can be stripped away says Isabel Ringrose

Outrage after racist attack in Southampton

01 March 2021
Anti-racists are calling for active solidarity after a university lecturer was subjected to a violent, racist attack while out jogging.

Workers won’t benefit if Covid and racism drive out migrants

01 March 2021
Reports have found that large numbers of migrants are leaving Britain. It’s all caused by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic—and a punishing immigration system, argues Sam Ord

Over 1,000 trade unionists resolve to build anti-racist fight at online conference

27 February 2021
Over 1,000 workers, trade unionists and anti-racists discussed fighting racism and inequality in workplaces at a conference on Saturday.

Gavin Williamson’s ‘free speech’ is an attack on our rights to organise

22 February 2021
The Tories’ crackdown on universities means protecting bigots from opposition. But as Nick Clark shows, real free speech battles have always involved defending the right to protest

The Black Panthers and the revenge of the revolution

21 February 2021
In a packed hall in downtown Chicago in 1969 Black Panther founder Bobby Seale stood alongside local leader Fred Hampton. He was making a speech to a newly established district of the party.

Catalan elections show backing for independence but far right also advances

20 February 2021
In the new parliament there is a leftist majority and a—different—pro-independence majority

Anti-racists march on police station after Moyied Bashir’s death in South Wales

19 February 2021
Around 200 anti-racists took to the streets of Newport, South Wales, on Thursday to demand to know who’s responsible for Moyied Bashir’s death.

Overseas university students starved by racist rules during coronavirus pandemic

14 February 2021
International students were encouraged to come to Britain despite the pandemic, so universities could make money from them. Now lockdowns, job cuts and a lack of support have left many struggling to survive, reports Sophie Squire

Cold, hunger and racism—refugees trapped in Penally camp speak out over conditions

13 February 2021
Refugees trapped at a camp in west Wales are cold, hungry and live constant fear of catching coronavirus.

Vigil marks month since death of Mohamud Hassan after contact with 52 cops

10 February 2021
'I didn’t know there were even 52 officers at the station, how on Earth does that happen?' asks a Cardiff activist

Border curbs and Covid—don’t let the racists divide us

09 February 2021
Boris Johnson bragged last week that, in terms of Covid-19 border controls, Britain has “one of the toughest regimes in the world”.

Investigation aims to label the left and protest movements ‘extremist’

08 February 2021
The government has chosen a former Labour MP turned Lord to lead an investigation into “extremism on the far left”.

Asylum seeker in Kent army barracks speaks out—‘We are locked up in hell’

06 February 2021
The Tories have corralled hundreds of refugees into a disused army barracks in Kent. Darius told Isabel Ringrose about the appalling conditions inside the place that is ‘not suitable for a human being’

Tories lock refugees in a coronavirus ‘breeding ground’

01 February 2021
Asylum seekers held at an ex-army camp in Kent have protested against the appalling conditions they’ve been kept in during the Covid-19 pandemic

Anti-racists celebrate after Stansted 15 court victory

30 January 2021
Melanie Strickland, one of the Stansted 15, told Socialist Worker, 'It feels great to win. It’s been nearly four years since the action, I thought it would never end.'

Anti-racists slam new Tory block on child refugees coming to Britain

27 January 2021
The Tory government has slammed the door shut on unaccompanied child refugees trying to make it to safety in Britain.

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