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Migrants’ rights under attack as Tories plan to block benefits

25 February 2014
The Tories are continuing to bash migrants with nasty new measures restricting access to benefits. But people are getting organised to say no to scapegoating, says Ken Olende

Demonstration against racism targets Ukip at count for Wythenshawe by-election

18 February 2014
Unite against Fascism (UAF) supporters protested in Manchester against the Nazis and Ukip during the Wythenshawe and Sale East by-election on Thursday of last week.

Manchester asylum seeker says ‘At home I faced persecution. Here I live in fear of the UKBA’

18 February 2014
The government and UK Border Agency’s treatment of asylum seekers is appalling—but campaigns give people confidence. Refugee Manjeet Kaur explains why to Ken Olende

Suspicion and stereotyping won't end the horror of FGM

18 February 2014
Over 200,000 people have signed a petition started by Bristol school student Fahma Mohamed demanding government action over Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). 

Cops snoop on Muslims at prayer, school and job centre

11 February 2014
Children as young as nine have been referred to the anti-extremism Prevent strategy, reports Judith Orr

More reasons to stand up to racism on 22 March

11 February 2014
The need to stand up to  racism was shown again last week through the hypocrisy of immigration minister Mark Harper.

Campaign meets to get fascist Andrew Brons out in May election

11 February 2014
Some 40 people attended a Unite Against Fascism (UAF) conference in Leeds last Saturday.

Swiss vote against migrant workers gives boost to racists

11 February 2014
Some 50.3 percent of voters rejected freedom of movement for workers from European Union (EU) countries in a Swiss referendum last week.

Over 120 join meeting to plan for Stand Up to Racism and Fascism protest

04 February 2014
More than 120 people attended a planning meeting at the Finsbury Park Mosque in north London for the Stand Up to Racism and Fascism protest.

All out to get rid of BNP's Nazi Nick Griffin

28 January 2014
Unite Against Fascism’s (UAF) Nick Griffin Must Go campaign was out across the North West of England last weekend. 

Campaigns get organised for protest against racist myths about migrants

28 January 2014
Campaigners are getting organised to build demonstrations against racism and fascism on Saturday 22 March. 

Memories of Holocaust survivors inspire activists to stop Nazi Nick Griffin

21 January 2014
In less than four months we have a chance to be rid of Britain’s two Nazi MEPs when they defend their European Parliament seats.

Wave of solidarity for refugees in Hamburg

21 January 2014
Florian Wilde reports on how a broad movement for residency rights for refugees has combined with a fight for housing and public space in the city – and how a violent state crackdown led to rioting in parts of the city last month.

Mark's killer gets to keep his police gun

14 January 2014
Armed police officers have shot and killed 54 people in England and Wales in the last 23 years. The Metropolitan Police has been responsible for 21 of those killings. 

'We will stand up to racism and fascism on 22 March'

14 January 2014
A day of protests against racism is a chance to push back politicians’ lies about immigration, writes Ken Olende

Shameful media attack on grieving Duggan family

14 January 2014
After the jury returned its conclusion of “lawful killing” sections of the media immediately launched a poisonous assault on Mark Duggan and his family.

Police shot unarmed Mark Duggan, but his killing 'lawful'

14 January 2014
The family of Mark Duggan reacted with shock and fury to the decision of an inquest jury into his killing by police on Wednesday of last week. 

Undercutting the racist myths on migrants

14 January 2014
The tide of hatred against migrants is based on a series of myths. One of the main ones is that they undermine conditions for workers here. Socialist Worker looks at the facts

Attack on journalists backfires for Golden Dawn in Greece

14 January 2014
Three more fascist MPs in Greece’s Golden Dawn party have been jailed to await trial.

Questions over how gun was 'thrown'

14 January 2014
The jury ruled by nine to one that it was more likely than not that Mark threw a gun to where one was found 7.34 metres away from where he was shot.

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