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Workers celebrate victory in anti-deportation campaign

15 November 2011
NUT members at Sowerby Bridge High in West Yorkshire are celebrating victory in their campaign to win asylum status for the Zaouche family.

More than 100,000 sign petition to stop extradition of Babar Ahmad

08 November 2011
Babar Ahmad’s campaign has achieved its aim of getting over 100,000 people to sign an e-petition against his extradition. More than 120,000 have now signed the petition calling for a parliamentary debate on Babar’s case.

Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975: A militant fight against racism brought to life

08 November 2011
Brian Richardson says the film Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 offers a unique look at the Black Panther Party

Travellers: Brighton jumps on eviction bandwagon

01 November 2011
Brighton and Hove city council evicted up to 25 Travellers from a site in the city on Tuesday of last week. The Green Party leads the council.

Travellers forced from Dale Farm

25 October 2011
Bailiffs and police began a brutal eviction of Travellers at the Dale Farm site in Essex last week.

A history of racism against travelling people

25 October 2011
Travellers have faced racism for centuries. As early as the 16th century, laws were passed in England expelling so called "Egyptians" or Gypsies.

Last stand at Dale Farm as police evict residents

25 October 2011
There were brutal scenes at Dale Farm in Essex last week as police evicted Travellers from their homes.

Defiant march off Dale Farm Travellers' site

20 October 2011
A dramatic day at the Dale Farm Traveller site in Essex today, Thursday, ended with Travellers leading a defiant march off the site.

Travellers injured in Dale Farm eviction speak out

19 October 2011
Nora Egan returned to the Dale Farm traveller site in Essex this afternoon, Wednesday, in a wheelchair. She woke up this morning perfectly healthy. Now she has a fractured spine.

Dale Farm Travellers say: 'Help us fight eviction'

18 October 2011
Some 400 Travellers at Dale Farm were preparing to resist eviction from their homes as Socialist Worker went to press.

Vigil mark's anniversary of Jimmy Mubenga's death

18 October 2011
About 50 people held a vigil outside the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in central London on the first anniversary of Jimmy Mubenga’s death.

Travellers prepare to defend Dale Farm as High Court approves eviction

13 October 2011
A judge has ruled that an eviction of Travellers at Dale Farm can go ahead. But Travellers’ representatives are applying to the Court of Appeal to challenge the ruling—and Travellers and their supporters are preparing to defend the site.

Miserable day for EDL in London and Leeds

08 October 2011
Supporters of the racist English Defence League (EDL) were humiliated in central London today, Saturday.

Who killed Kelso Cochrane?

04 October 2011
Kelso Cochrane was a carpenter from the West Indian island of Antigua. He lived quietly in Notting Hill, west London, with his fiancee Olivia Ellington. He earned £15 a week and liked to listen to Ella Fitzgerald.

Battle for future of Dale Farm nears critical point

04 October 2011
A judge has given the green light for Basildon council to remove 49 out of 54 threatened caravan plots from Dale Farm in Essex. The high court ruling from judge Justice Edwards-Stuart will be a blow to Travellers living on the site who are fighting to save their homes.

Notorious bailiff firm uses racist slurs to hook customers

20 September 2011
Constant & Co, the "specialist" bailiff firm that is ready to evict Dale Farm Travellers, promotes itself with racist language.

The battle to save Dale Farm isn't over - stop the eviction now

20 September 2011
Travellers who live at Dale Farm in Essex celebrated as they won a last-minute court injunction delaying their eviction this week.

Islamophobia: racism’s new form

20 September 2011
Back-to-back TV and newspaper coverage of the anniversary of 9/11 this month will remind many of the vilification that Muslims faced in the wake of the attack.

Dale Farm: 'Council only call it greenbelt when it suits them'.

13 September 2011
Anti-cuts groups and unions have swung behind the Travellers. South East Region TUC has passed a motion opposing the eviction.

Dale Farm demo’s spirited resistance

13 September 2011
Traveller children chanting, "Hell no, we won’t go!" led a protest in Basildon, Essex last Saturday against plans to evict Travellers at Dale Farm.

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