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Our sweat, their profits: Muslims have made a great contribution to Europe

23 August 2011
When you listen to David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and other European leaders slam into multiculturalism, you could think that immigration had been a damaging experience.

Muslims don’t stand alone

23 August 2011
I came to Britain from Bangladesh in 1976 at the age of nine. At that time east London was a very scary place, something of a racial battleground.

Telford unites against 'banned' EDL protest

16 August 2011
Over 400 people joined the Unite Against Fascism (UAF) protest against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Telford last Saturday (left).

Right wing historian David Starkey blames ‘black culture’ for the riots

16 August 2011
Establishment historian David Starkey sparked outrage last week when he blamed black culture for the "criminality" of last week’s riots.

We can beat the racists on 3 September

16 August 2011
Anti-racists and anti-fascists from across Britain will join thousands of local people in east London on 3 September.

The fight is on to stop Travellers' eviction

09 August 2011
There are just a few weeks left to fight a planned eviction of Travellers living at Dale Farm in Essex.

Alieu Ceesay wins right to stay

02 August 2011
Campaigning Gambian journalist Alieu Ceesay was granted leave to remain in Britain last week.

How right wing think-tanks push Islam fear

02 August 2011
A new report describes how two of Britain’s most influential right wing think‑tanks have used the fear of terrorism and of Islam to push an authoritarian agenda.

Activists prepare to stop racist EDL in east London

19 July 2011
Activists across Britain are building for the national protest against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Tower Hamlets on Saturday 3 September.

Muslims boycott Glasgow airport

19 July 2011
Muslims are boycotting Glasgow airport in protest at harassment by counter-terrorism officers.

Anti-fascists see off EDL in Portsmouth

19 July 2011
Over 300 Portsmouth residents saw off an EDL march last Saturday.

Dale Farm eviction looms in August

19 July 2011
Some 400 people are set to be made homeless on 31 August.

EDL is blocked as thousands resist

12 July 2011
The racist English Defence League’s (EDL) planned summer of hate began badly as thousands from Plymouth to Middlesbrough marched against it last Saturday.

Defend Dale Farm Travellers from looming eviction

05 July 2011
Basildon council has issued 28 day notices to Travellers living at the Dale Farm site in Billericay, Essex.

The origins of racism

05 July 2011
The plague of racism continues to scar the world that we live in, even though there is no scientific basis whatsoever for the division of society into races. Race is a social construct that benefits our rulers.

Resist racism - join the protests

21 June 2011
Activists are organising to oppose the EDL’s plans for a summer of race hatred.

Thousands flock to Love Music Hate Racism festival in Ramsgate

21 June 2011

'I thought my brother might be dead'

21 June 2011
Mohammed was beaten and kicked by up to 50 thugs while he lay on the ground. He has extensive bruising over his entire body.

Exclusive: Brothers who faced racist attack after EDL march talk to Socialist Worker

21 June 2011
Two Muslim brothers were attacked and beaten close to their home in east London after a march by the racist English Defence League (EDL) last Saturday.

New book will defend multiculturalism

14 June 2011
The Prevent document makes fantastical reading.

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