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The state of racism in Britain

16 October 2012
The experience of being black in Britain has changed beyond recognition after 50 years of fighting racism and being part of working class struggle. It has changed Britain for both black and white people.

The roots of racism

09 October 2012
Many people believe racism is part of human nature and will always be with us. But racism isn’t hard wired into our brains. The best evidence for this is the fact that it has not always existed.

Can black people be racist?

25 September 2012
The right wing Daily Mail newspaper was beside itself last month as it pounced on the "racist" tirade of a black woman.

Ugandan Asians in Britain 40 years on: here to stay and fight

11 September 2012
Some 27,000 expelled Ugandan Asians came in Britain in 1972, prompting a frenzy of racism from the press and politicians.

Dale Farm Travellers: no water, no toilets and nowhere to go

07 August 2012
Travellers at Dale Farm in Basildon, Essex, face a renewed threat of eviction. The council forced the Travellers from their land in October last year. Dozens are now living on a nearby road.

EDL racists march in Dewsbury

03 July 2012
Around 100 anti-racists marched through Dewsbury on Saturday 30 June in protest at a rally by the racist English Defence League (EDL). Hundreds more gathered outside the mosque.

A defiant protest to defend refugees in Glasgow

19 June 2012
Over 1,000 people marched in Glasgow last Saturday on a defiant demonstration opposing deportations of refugees and the return of dawn raids.

Red Tails: Challenging the racism of the US military

12 June 2012
The poster for the new film Red Tails shows Second World War fighter aircraft in combat. It doesn’t show that the pilots are all black. You wouldn’t know that the Red Tails’ greatest achievement was overcoming racism. The 332nd Airborne were the only black fighter pilots in the segregated US Air Force, where racism was deeply entrenched.

Top Gear's bigots turn on Travellers

05 June 2012
You’d have thought that BBC’s Top Gear programme had run out of minority groups to insult and smear.

Olympic icon John Carlos electrifies packed meeting

26 May 2012
Some 800 people crowded into a meeting in central London last night (Monday) to hear Olympic legend John Carlos speak alongside Doreen Lawrence, Janet Alder and other justice campaigners.

John Carlos interview: Flame of revolt still burns for Olympic black power salute protester

22 May 2012
The <a href=''>image of Tommie Smith and John Carlos </a>is famous around the world.

Trayvon Martin's parents visit Britain

15 May 2012

‘We need everyone to get to Luton’

24 April 2012
Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, says it is vital that anti-fascists take on the EDL.

Glasgow stands up against threat to refugees

24 April 2012
The campaign against plans to evict up to 140 refugees who have been refused asylum from their homes accelerated this week in Glasgow.

Keep Breivik's EDL pals out of Luton

24 April 2012
Anti-fascists from across Britain are heading to Luton, Bedfordshire, on 5 May to help stop the racist English Defence League (EDL) from holding a march in the town.

Racists humiliated at the ‘March for England’

24 April 2012
Over 1,000 anti-racists took to the streets of Brighton last Sunday. They succeeded in reducing a far right march to a miserable and defeated mob that needed a heavy police escort to get out of town.

Are white people to blame for racism?

24 April 2012
The shooting of black teenager Trayvon Martin in the US earlier this year sparked a wave of anti-racist anger across the country.

Anger as Florida authorities refuse jury hearing in Trayvon Martin case

10 April 2012
There will be no jury hearing to decide whether George Zimmerman, the man who shot black teenager Trayvon Martin in February, should face charges.

Black British Rebels: A history of resistance from Equiano to Jayaben Desai

06 March 2012
This short but informative pamphlet offers a history of black British rebels, writes Arnie Joahill

Make Bradford British: Eight lives and the myth of Britishness

01 March 2012
"Multicultural Britain needs help. Some people just aren’t mixing. Our communities are becoming increasingly divided. And nowhere is the problem clearer than in Bradford."

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