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Who killed Kelso Cochrane?

04 October 2011
Kelso Cochrane was a carpenter from the West Indian island of Antigua. He lived quietly in Notting Hill, west London, with his fiancee Olivia Ellington. He earned £15 a week and liked to listen to Ella Fitzgerald.

Battle for future of Dale Farm nears critical point

04 October 2011
A judge has given the green light for Basildon council to remove 49 out of 54 threatened caravan plots from Dale Farm in Essex. The high court ruling from judge Justice Edwards-Stuart will be a blow to Travellers living on the site who are fighting to save their homes.

Islamophobia: racism’s new form

20 September 2011
Back-to-back TV and newspaper coverage of the anniversary of 9/11 this month will remind many of the vilification that Muslims faced in the wake of the attack.

The battle to save Dale Farm isn't over - stop the eviction now

20 September 2011
Travellers who live at Dale Farm in Essex celebrated as they won a last-minute court injunction delaying their eviction this week.

Notorious bailiff firm uses racist slurs to hook customers

20 September 2011
Constant & Co, the "specialist" bailiff firm that is ready to evict Dale Farm Travellers, promotes itself with racist language.

Why are Travellers oppressed?

13 September 2011
Oppression exists because it benefits those at the top of class society. When capitalists built the Atlantic slave trade, for example, they developed racist ideas to justify their appalling treatment of slaves.

Dale Farm demo’s spirited resistance

13 September 2011
Traveller children chanting, "Hell no, we won’t go!" led a protest in Basildon, Essex last Saturday against plans to evict Travellers at Dale Farm.

Dale Farm: 'Council only call it greenbelt when it suits them'.

13 September 2011
Anti-cuts groups and unions have swung behind the Travellers. South East Region TUC has passed a motion opposing the eviction.

A history of racism against Travellers and Gypsies

13 September 2011
Racism against Travellers in England goes back to Tudor times. The Roma first arrived in England from France in the Middle Ages.

Dale Farm: Travellers told they have two weeks left

06 September 2011
There are less than two weeks left to save the Dale Farm Traveller site in Basildon, Essex.

What you can do to support Dale Farm Travellers

06 September 2011
Supporters of Dale Farm have set up Camp Constant to help defend the site.

State targeting of Muslims opens door to racist right

30 August 2011
The government has revamped its Prevent strategy—set up to combat "extremism". It plans to target university students it says may be vulnerable to "radical Islam".

Notting Hill Carnival: cops and curfews

30 August 2011
A record number of police officers swamped Notting Hill Carnival last bank holiday weekend.

Muslims don’t stand alone

23 August 2011
I came to Britain from Bangladesh in 1976 at the age of nine. At that time east London was a very scary place, something of a racial battleground.

Our sweat, their profits: Muslims have made a great contribution to Europe

23 August 2011
When you listen to David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and other European leaders slam into multiculturalism, you could think that immigration had been a damaging experience.

We can beat the racists on 3 September

16 August 2011
Anti-racists and anti-fascists from across Britain will join thousands of local people in east London on 3 September.

Right wing historian David Starkey blames ‘black culture’ for the riots

16 August 2011
Establishment historian David Starkey sparked outrage last week when he blamed black culture for the "criminality" of last week’s riots.

Telford unites against 'banned' EDL protest

16 August 2011
Over 400 people joined the Unite Against Fascism (UAF) protest against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Telford last Saturday (left).

The fight is on to stop Travellers' eviction

09 August 2011
There are just a few weeks left to fight a planned eviction of Travellers living at Dale Farm in Essex.

How right wing think-tanks push Islam fear

02 August 2011
A new report describes how two of Britain’s most influential right wing think‑tanks have used the fear of terrorism and of Islam to push an authoritarian agenda.

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