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United action against the EDL in Blackburn

05 April 2011
More than a thousand people demonstrated against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Blackburn last Saturday.

Liverpool rallies against racism

05 April 2011
Over 100 people attended the Fighting Fascism & Islamophobia conference organised by Unite Against Fascism and the Unite union in Liverpool last Saturday.

Brixton 1981: the great insurrection

05 April 2011
The poor of Brixton, south London, rose up against poverty and racism 30 years ago this week. Police stations and vans were set alight as thousands poured onto the streets. People were no longer prepared to put up with racist police officers and rising unemployment.

'March for justice for my uncle Smiley Culture'

05 April 2011
David Emmanuel, also known as the reggae artist Smiley Culture, died of a stab wound to the heart during a police raid on his home on 15 March.

Protest against racists in Blackburn

29 March 2011
The Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) has backed a protest against the racist English Defence League (EDL) in Blackburn this Saturday.

Tory council votes to evict Travellers

15 March 2011
Tory-run Basildon District Council is pushing through the eviction of Travellers at the Dale Farm site.

Thousands sign statement defending multiculturalism

12 March 2011
A petition launched to defend multiculturalism following David Cameron’s disgraceful comments in Munich last month is gathering signatures. Over 5,500 people have signed the statement. It is vital that as many people as possible sign it and pass it on.

Multiculturalism: Defending the right to be different

01 March 2011
Socialists were right to rush to the defence of multiculturalism after David Cameron’s outrageous attack.

Why we’re proud of multicultural Britain

15 February 2011
Shemiza Rashid Luton-based founder of the Creative Muslim Network, teacher, radio presenter and inter-faith art consultant

Islamophobia: How the new racism is fuelled by old prejudices

15 February 2011
Is it any wonder that so many Muslims in Britain feel under siege? For 30 years they have faced a growing tide of Islamophobia.

Sign the statement defending multiculturalism

09 February 2011
We the undersigned believe David Cameron’s statement that multiculturalism has failed was a dangerous declaration of intent.

Racism: part of a long Tory tradition

08 February 2011
That David Cameron chose last Saturday to make a speech attacking Muslims is despicable.

Jack Straw opens door to racism again

11 January 2011
Jack Straw lent credibility to the barrage of racism in the press when he said that the grooming of young women for sex was, "a specific problem" among Pakistani men. He made the statement after two men were jailed at Nottingham crown court after being found guilty of sexual abuse and rape.

Trials and arrests underline EDL racism and violence

23 December 2010
The arrest and conviction of supporters of the racist English Defence League (EDL) in the last few weeks underlines the lie that they are a peaceful, anti-racist organisation – and proves that it is right to build a movement big enough to drive them from our streets.

One Society Many Cultures conference

14 December 2010
One Society Many Cultures—a coalition of unions, Muslim organisations and anti-racist groups to combat the rise of Islamophobia—organised a successful conference on Saturday 11 December.

Barac meets in Manchester

09 November 2010
Over 70 people came to a public meeting in Manchester to discuss how black communities will be affected by the spending review.

Meeting challenges racism in Birmingham

02 November 2010
Some 120 students and school pupils packed out the council chambers in Birmingham for a Question Time-style debate about how to tackle racism in the city, on Tuesday of last week.

Support grows across Britain for anti-racist protest on 6 November

19 October 2010
Coaches are booked from over 30 towns and cities across Britain to the national demonstration and carnival against racism, fascism and Islamophobia on 6 November in central London.

Ever Young/WEB Du Bois Paris Albums – depicting black people’s lives

05 October 2010
Two new photo exhibitions present changing views of black people through the past century.

Black and white are stronger together

28 September 2010
We can be certain that when we resist cuts and austerity our rulers will try to divide us with racism. If they succeed, the price will be a weakening of the working class movement that will threaten defeat for all—irrespective of background.

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