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The illusion of Britishness

18 November 2006
In the past few years a peculiarly old-fashioned - and sinister - set of phrases has re-entered the political vocabulary of the Westminster establishment. New Labour ministers and their Tory shadows are increasingly talking about "British values" and "our way of life".

French unions resist after Muslims are sacked

11 November 2006
Islamophobia isn’t just taking place in Britain. Authorities in France have withdrawn the security clearances for 40 mainly Muslim workers at the Paris airport of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, one of Europe’s busiest airports.

Serving police officer writes on prejudice in the force

11 November 2006
Britain's highest ranking Asian police officer, Tariq Ghaffur, recently spoke out frankly about issues of policing and race relations. It was clear from the outset that some within policing circles - the home office, the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo), and the Police Federation - were keen to criticise his comments.

Dundee meeting backs People's Assembly

11 November 2006
More than 130 people from diverse backgrounds attended a public meeting at Dundee university on Monday to discuss Tayside constabulary’s Special Branch unit activities on campus. It is gathering intelligence against students.

Students oppose Islamophobia

11 November 2006
Thirty five students at Goldsmiths College in south east London came to a discussion on Thursday of last week against the attacks on civil liberties.

Revealed: how Murdoch press smears Muslims

04 November 2006
Two smears, forming part of the barrage of attacks on Britain’s Muslims, fell apart last week. Both were splashed over the pages of the Murdoch press. Both proved to be completely baseless.

Uniting in the unions against Islamophobia

04 November 2006
‘We decided unanimously at the branch committee to advertise the assembly among members.

Muslims are a key part of the future of Britain

04 November 2006
‘Politicians have made comments about Muslims in the past few weeks that they should not have made.

Ruqayyah Collector: ‘Racism is the cause of segregation in society’

04 November 2006
‘A climate has been created where Muslim students are worried about their safety.

'Celebrate & Educate' Black History Month event at Barking College

04 November 2006
At least 120 people came to the 'Celebrate & Educate' Black History Month event at Barking College on Saturday.

UFFC procession: united in anger at deaths in custody

04 November 2006
Hundreds of relatives and friends of those who have died in custody held a remembrance procession in central London last Saturday.

Muslims face more attacks

28 October 2006
Racist attacks on Muslims continued this week across the country in the wake of the tide of Islamophobia set off by Jack Straw’s comments on the veil earlier this month.

Unite against Islamophobia in Glasgow: ‘the government is terrified of our unity’

28 October 2006
Around 300 people rallied in Glasgow’s George Square last Saturday to unite against Islamophobia and protest at the wave of racist attacks on Muslims since Jack Straw’s comments about the veil earlier this month.

A Sivanandan on the neoliberal attack on cultural diversity

21 October 2006
‘The best way to understand the growth of anti-Muslim racism is to see it as an attempt to punish those who are resisting the imperialist policies of our government.

Racism is the real obstacle we face

21 October 2006
This week I’ve been told that women like myself are submissive, oppressed creatures who need rescuing by white, male politicians.

Ruth Kelly’s lies about ‘extremist Muslim hotspots’

21 October 2006
Ruth Kelly, New Labour’s communities secretary, told a meeting of council leaders and police chiefs last week that she wants them to target Muslim "hotspots" - schools, universities, mosques and colleges which are supposedly centres of extremism.

Criticism of the veil is not about liberating women

21 October 2006
One of the more distasteful features of the wave of attacks on Muslims has been the sight of feminists lining up to support Jack Straw’s comments against the veil.

Standing together against the Islamophobic attacks

21 October 2006
The government’s attacks on Muslims have led to a series of racist attacks across Britain, but there is also resistance and signs of a new fighting unity between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Deaths in Custody – When will it end?

21 October 2006
Saturday 28 October will reflect a remembrance rally in Trafalgar Square with a silent vigil along Whitehall to Downing Street for those who have died in custody. Organised by the United Families and Friends Campaign, the annual event provides a constant memory and mirror to British society of those who have died in custody of the police, prison and psychiatric care institutions.

Race riot in Windsor? Don’t believe the hype

14 October 2006
"Ghettos", "No-Go Areas", "Race Riots On Queen’s Doorstep" screamed the newspaper headlines last week as a Muslim owned dairy near Windsor castle became the latest victim of Islamophobic hysteria.

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