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Mine Eyes Have Seen - chronicling black people’s resistance to US racism

20 November 2007
Journalists, we are told, must be impartial. Photojournalists are no exception. Both are trained not to get emotionally involved in the stories they cover in case they allow their feelings to affect their work.

James Watson’s 'scientific' racism is inferior science

23 October 2007
So the hideous but seemingly immortal serpent that is scientific racism has emerged once again. This time the perpetrator is James Watson, who won the Nobel Prize for his part in the discovery of DNA.

Stop and search is not a solution to crime

23 October 2007
Keith Jarrett, the outgoing president of the National Black Police Association, sparked outrage last weekend by suggesting that police should stop and search more young people.

Gun and knife crime campaign targets the poverty behind youth crime

16 October 2007
Over 120 people took to the streets of north London last Sunday against the gun and knife crime that has blighted so many young lives over the last few months.

Arun Kundnani: How liberals lost their anti-racism

02 October 2007
A new sentiment has gripped mainstream liberal thinking in Britain over the last few years – one which regards Muslims as uniquely problematic and in need of forceful integration into "superior" Western values.

Racism and class solidarity in history of the US South

18 September 2007
On the 50th anniversary of the campaign against school segregation in Little Rock, Ken Olende looks at how racism and class solidarity have always pulled the South in different directions

Little Rock and the fight to end school segregation

18 September 2007
The campaign against school segregation in Little Rock in the US in September 1957 challenged a racist society. Ken Olende looks at the events

The real role models are not in the boardroom

04 September 2007
There has been much talk recently about the need for black role models as the answer to the problem of gun and knife crime that has blighted so many lives this year.

Jesse Jackson visit

28 August 2007
Hundreds of people attended US civil rights activist Jesse Jackson’s final meeting of the day in Nottingham on Friday of last week.

600 Coventry cab drivers strike against racist attack

21 August 2007
A Coventry taxi driver was racially abused and battered with a metal bar last Saturday. Some 600 Coventry taxi drivers went on strike in response last weekend.

Voices from Rock Against Racism

10 July 2007
Don Letts, DJ Pioneering musician, filmmaker and DJ Don Letts made his name playing reggae to the emerging punk scene in London the mid-1970s.

Burnley demonstration demands justice for Nadeem Khan

10 July 2007
Hundreds of protesters marched in Burnley last Saturday seeking answers to questions about the death of Nadeem Khan in police custody.

Rock Against Racism: beating time, beating the Nazis

10 July 2007
The 1970s moved from intense struggle between workers and bosses to bitter disillusionment with Labour, mass unemployment and defensive fights to protect services.

Black people and criminal justice: ‘Target the system, not black culture’

20 June 2007
Last week saw the publication of a House of Commons home affairs committee report into young black people and the criminal justice system.

Stop and search - racist, then and now

05 June 2007
‘We have chosen as a society to put the civil liberties of the suspect, even if a foreign national, first. I happen to believe this is misguided and wrong. I believe this is a dangerous misjudgement." So said Tony Blair in a parting shot at civil liberties before stepping down.

'Nationality: Wog' - the police hounding of David Oluwale

29 May 2007
Kester Aspden's new book Nationality: Wog – The Hounding Of David Oluwale is an extraordinary piece of social history that investigates the persecution and lonely death of David Oluwale in 1960s Leeds.

Barking needs homes, not racist myths

22 May 2007
Councillors, trade unionists and anti-fascists in the east London borough of Barking & Dagenham have refuted claims by Margaret Hodge, the New Labour minister and MP for Barking, that the borough’s housing crisis is caused by immigrants.

The legacy of Frantz Fanon

22 May 2007
The World Social Forum in Kenya earlier this year was marked by a resurgence of interest in the ideas of Frantz Fanon, a thinker whose works have for many years been neglected.

Roma: blaming the victims in Slough

22 May 2007
"A flood of Romanian gypsy children has left a British town facing financial crisis," screamed the Daily Mail last week. "Roma children flood into Slough," said the BBC.

Was Liverpool murder racist?

15 May 2007
A 21 year old mixed-race man was stabbed to death in Liverpool last Sunday. Marlon Moran was found with a knife wound by neighbours in Byron Street, Garston.

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