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Muslims face more attacks

28 October 2006
Racist attacks on Muslims continued this week across the country in the wake of the tide of Islamophobia set off by Jack Straw’s comments on the veil earlier this month.

Racism is the real obstacle we face

21 October 2006
This week I’ve been told that women like myself are submissive, oppressed creatures who need rescuing by white, male politicians.

Standing together against the Islamophobic attacks

21 October 2006
The government’s attacks on Muslims have led to a series of racist attacks across Britain, but there is also resistance and signs of a new fighting unity between Muslims and non-Muslims.

A Sivanandan on the neoliberal attack on cultural diversity

21 October 2006
‘The best way to understand the growth of anti-Muslim racism is to see it as an attempt to punish those who are resisting the imperialist policies of our government.

Criticism of the veil is not about liberating women

21 October 2006
One of the more distasteful features of the wave of attacks on Muslims has been the sight of feminists lining up to support Jack Straw’s comments against the veil.

Deaths in Custody – When will it end?

21 October 2006
Saturday 28 October will reflect a remembrance rally in Trafalgar Square with a silent vigil along Whitehall to Downing Street for those who have died in custody. Organised by the United Families and Friends Campaign, the annual event provides a constant memory and mirror to British society of those who have died in custody of the police, prison and psychiatric care institutions.

Ruth Kelly’s lies about ‘extremist Muslim hotspots’

21 October 2006
Ruth Kelly, New Labour’s communities secretary, told a meeting of council leaders and police chiefs last week that she wants them to target Muslim "hotspots" - schools, universities, mosques and colleges which are supposedly centres of extremism.

Anger in Blackburn at scapegoating of Muslim veil

14 October 2006
Dr Bano Murtuja told Socialist Worker that she doesn’t normally wear the niqab (face veil), but was wearing it as a protest. "I am disgusted that our MP Jack Straw is pandering to the right wing," she said.

A right wing attack on multiculturalism

14 October 2006
Jack Straw’s calculated entrance into the seething right wing debate on Muslims and multiculturalism has little to do with the wearing of the veil - and still less with the need to "open a dialogue" with Muslim communities.

Stop scapegoating Muslims - it’s war and racism that fuel division

14 October 2006
Jack Straw's attack on Muslim women wearing the veil was not an innocent attempt to "raise debate". He was speaking in a climate of Islamophobia fuelled by the "war on terror".

Jack Straw's veil comments are ammunition for racists

14 October 2006
Is it possible to get the question of racism and Islamophobia more wrong than Oldham Labour MP Phil Woolas did last weekend? Muslim women who cover their faces with veils, he told readers of the Sunday Mirror, can be "frightening and intimidating". He added that Muslim veils could increase racial tensions in Britain.

Race riot in Windsor? Don’t believe the hype

14 October 2006
"Ghettos", "No-Go Areas", "Race Riots On Queen’s Doorstep" screamed the newspaper headlines last week as a Muslim owned dairy near Windsor castle became the latest victim of Islamophobic hysteria.

Jack Straw's veil comments threaten to inflame racism

07 October 2006
The racist onslaught on Muslims hit new and appalling levels this week.

East London Love Music Hate Racism gig rallies opposition to the Nazi BNP

07 October 2006
Some 500 young people crammed into The Cauliflower venue in Ilford, Essex, to watch Dirty Pretty Things and Roll Deep headline a benefit night for Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) to help boost the local campaign against the fascist British National Party (BNP).

Injustice CD: sounding the alarm over deaths in police custody

23 September 2006
A new CD has been released by the people behind the 2001 film Injustice that told the story of families seeking justice for deaths in police custody.

Fourth London Schools and the Black Child conference

16 September 2006
The fourth London Schools and the Black Child conference was held in central London last Saturday, focusing on the continuing inequalities experienced by children of African and Caribbean heritage in schools.

Remembering Mikey Powell and battling for justice

16 September 2006
The Friends of Mikey Powell campaign held a commemorative event on the third anniversary of his death in police custody. A hundred people heard an update on the campaign from Mikey’s cousin, Tippa Naphtali.

Shoot The Messenger: the message is wrong

09 September 2006
"Everything bad that has ever happened to me has involved a black person." So says Joe, the central character, espousing the recurring theme in Sharon Foster’s Shoot the Messenger which went out last week on BBC2.

Class and the civil rights movement

10 December 2005
Surely one of the most nauseating spectacles in an era that has provided us with so many was the "civil rights tour" that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice hosted for her partner-in-war-crimes Jack Straw in late October. During it, they had the incredible cheek to invoke the history of the black freedom struggle to rationalise their ongoing slaughter in Iraq.

Ms Dynamite: 'Music has a role in fighting racism and the system'

30 July 2005
Why did you get involved with Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) in campaigning against the fascist British National Party (BNP)?

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