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The Troublemaker —300,000 homes could be built on London golf courses 

31 August 2021
London’s golf courses make up an area larger than the borough of Brent and there is enough space on publicly owned courses to house 300,000 people, according to new research.

Cruel Tory asylum system awaits Afghan refugees

31 August 2021
The situation for Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban and arriving in Britain is becoming ever more critical.

Hunger and fear for people who were deported to Zimbabwe

26 August 2021
Men deported to Zimbabwe by the Home Office last month are being forced to live on the streets and are in fear of arrest. Yet Priti Patel wants more mass deportations.

State tried to derail Black Lives Matter

24 August 2021
Something of an echo of the establishment panic of the late 1960s is reverberating around the seats of power in Britain and the US.

Don’t be fooled—there is money for refugees

24 August 2021
The right is spinning arguments against refugees coming to Britain. They claim there’s “no room” or “not enough money” to take them all in.

Warmongers used racism then and now, say Muslim campaigners

24 August 2021
Life for many Muslims changed for the worse when Britain invaded Afghanistan 20 years ago

Babylon’s Burning—music, culture and the fight against fascism

23 August 2021
Author Rick Blackman told Socialist Worker about his new book linking three campaigns, from 1958 to today

What’s behind the right’s war on Critical Race Theory?

03 August 2021
Why is a low level war raging in the US on the subject of Critical Race Theory?

Almost 200 people died after contact with cops last year

29 July 2021
At least 190 people died after contact with the police in England and Wales last year.

Tory ‘summer season’ of deportations shows up brutality of Britain’s immigration rules

28 July 2021
The Tories are pressing ahead with a “summer season” of deportations.

Nazi Tommy Robinson loses libel case brought by Syrian teenager

22 July 2021
Fascist Tommy Robinson has lost a libel case brought against him by a Syrian teenager who was filmed being attacked at school.

Dorset rally targets Tory’s family’s slave trade past

20 July 2021
Around 350 anti-racists joined a lively and noisy rally on Saturday organised by Stand Up To Racism Dorset to demand slavery justice from Tory MP Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax.

Asylum seeker dies as a result of Tories’ immigration policy

20 July 2021
An asylum seeker was found dead at a hotel near Heathrow airport on Sunday. This tragedy has occurred just a day before the Tories’ racist immigration bill was due for its second reading in the House of Commons.

Anger out of fear—the New Cross Fire remembered

19 July 2021
A documentary by director Steve McQueen remembers the black-led revolts of 1981—beginning with rage at the New Cross fire

Anti-racists take knee on Whitehall over Tories’ football hypocrisy

17 July 2021
 Protests across Britain have confronted Tory racism

Tory plan to deport Zimbabweans could be a ‘death sentence’

16 July 2021
The Tories are pressing ahead with more mass deportations.

Tory policies push over one million children of key workers into poverty

15 July 2021
More than a million children of key workers are living in poverty, according to research commissioned by the TUC union federation.

Damning report finds black people face systematic racism

15 July 2021
Racism in England is systemic, a report by the race equality think tank the Runnymede Trust has found.

Smash Tory racists—and their nationalism

13 July 2021
Vile hypocrisy. That’s the only possible verdict as the Tories and sections of the right wing press claimed to be anti-racists this week

Tories want to keep refugees in Napier army barracks

02 July 2021
The Tories are considering using the former Napier military barracks in Kent to house refugees for “another couple of years”.

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