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The new rise of the right

11 November 2018
From Hungary, to Italy, to Brazil, to the US, racists and fascists are growing. Charlie Kimber looks at what’s behind this terrifying growth—and how we can stop it

How we can push back against racism

09 November 2018
Thousands of people will march in London on 17 November against the rise of racism and fascism. Activists spoke to Socialist Worker about the renewed threat from the right—and what needs to be done to fight it

Battles over Palestine solidarity in universities and council

06 November 2018
The pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign scored a victory after Leeds university divested from firms linked to Israeli violence.

Anti-racism round-up—Building a network against racism

06 November 2018
Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) supporters are organising across Britain against racism and the far right.

Donald Trump tells soldiers to shoot migrants arriving at US’s south border

06 November 2018
Racist US president Donald Trump has sent soldiers to the country’s southern border—threatening that they’ll shoot migrants from countries such as Honduras and El Salvador.

New figures on child refugees make a mockery of Tory promises

06 November 2018
Sea routes are becoming deadlier, but the Tories are refusing to offer refuge, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Brazilian socialist speaks out - ‘The workers’ movement can beat Bolsonaro’

05 November 2018
Brazilian socialist Sandra Silva spoke to Socialist Worker about how people are resisting in the wake of Bolsonaro’s win

LETTERS - It’s right to challenge racist lies over child sexual abuse

05 November 2018
I think this race stuff has allowed the police to shift focus away from how much they clearly don’t care about people from poorer or difficult backgrounds (Claims about ‘Asian sex gangs’ don’t stack up, 31 October).

Hundreds of anti-fascists humiliate tiny group of Nazis in Liverpool

03 November 2018
Hundreds of protesters drove a far right group out of Liverpool on Saturday.

Has Brazil fallen to fascism?

02 November 2018
Far right Jair Bolsonaro is a threat to workers and the oppressed. But the potential power of those who oppose him means it’s possible to stop his project, argues Alistair Farrow

Global menace of the far right can be beaten

30 October 2018
A fascist gunned down 11 Jewish people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, in the US, last week.

International round-up - Anti-racist action across Italy and German forest under threat

30 October 2018
“In my country nobody is a foreigner!” This slogan summarised a day of national mobilisation in Italy on Saturday last week.

Racism from Donald Trump lies behind attack on synagogue in Pittsburgh

29 October 2018
Eleven people were murdered on Saturday in the deadliest single attack on Jewish people in the history of the US.

Anti-racist round-up - protest and meetings take on the right

29 October 2018
Stand Up To Racism supporters have been organising across Britain to take on racism and the far right.

Claims over ‘Asian sex gangs’ don’t stack up

29 October 2018
Racists blame Muslims for child abuse, but researcher Ella Cockbain told Sadie Robinson about the reality

Resistance needed after far right victory in Brazil

28 October 2018
Jair Bolsonaro took around 55 percent of the vote and threatens to unleash brutal attacks on working class people

Families and friends march demands the government acts over deaths in custody

27 October 2018
Over 200 people marched on Saturday to remember the thousands who have died after coming into contact with the police, and to demand change.

Tommy Robinson retrial is put back

23 October 2018
The retrial of Nazi Tommy Robinson has been put back after a hearing at the Old Bailey court in London on Tuesday.

‘Together we can take on racism and the right,’ say activists at 1,400-strong conference

23 October 2018
Anti-racists from across Europe vowed to step up the fight against the far right and racism at the Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) international conference in central London last Saturday.

Anti-racist conference meets in London and pledges to push the racist right back

20 October 2018
Anti-racists from across Europe have vowed to step up the fight against the far right and racism.

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