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LETTERS—Spirit of anti-racism grows—and my hospital is proof

29 May 2021
Sometimes years of patient work as anti-racists and trade unionists pays off.

Anti-racists take the knee across Britain on anniversary of George Floyd’s murder

25 May 2021
Anti-racists took the knee in workplaces and local areas across Britain on the one-year anniversary of the police murder of George Floyd.

LETTERS—Halting deportations means keeping up militant response

25 May 2021
We won a massive victory over immigration deportations last week on the streets of Pollokshields in Glasgow.

Tories unveil new crackdown on migrants and refugees

24 May 2021
Home secretary Priti Patel is trying to use racism to divide wokrers

Pimlico students celebrate as head resigns after anti-racist protest

20 May 2021
Pupils at Pimlico Academy in central London are celebrating their headteacher’s resignation following allegations of racism.

Trade unionists plan to take the knee on anniversary of George Floyd’s murder

19 May 2021
Anti-racists across Britain are preparing to take the knee on the one-year anniversary of the police murder of George Floyd next Tuesday, 25 May.

Hundreds mobilise to block immigration raid in Glasgow

13 May 2021
After a magificent seven-hour protest, police were forced to release the detainees

Anti-racists across Britain plan to take knee on anniversary of George Floyd’s murder

13 May 2021
The one-year anniversary of the police murder of George Floyd will see anti-racists in Britain mobilise against institutional racism.

Letters—Protests against football bosses show contradictions

11 May 2021
To see thousands of football fans on the streets opposing the way the billionaire owners had planned to rig the game and stop the European Super League has been brilliant.

The cops murdered anti-fascist Blair Peach—then spied on his partner

07 May 2021
Celia Stubbs gave evidence to the Undercover Policing Inquiry (UCPI) on Thursday.

Over 2,000 refugees die after EU state pushbacks

06 May 2021
More than 2,000 refugees have died during the pandemic as a result of illegal pushbacks by countries in the European Union (EU).

Madrid elections see left punished for record in government

05 May 2021
The conservatives and the far right surged to new heights and will govern the capital

Israeli apartheid unmasked

03 May 2021
An explosive report has laid bare the horror of Israel’s apartheid state. It also underlines that the state relies on the continued repression of Palestinians, writes Nick Clark. And to change that we need a movement of resistance

French government’s racist crackdowns fuel far right coup threats

30 April 2021
The French government is ramping up measures against migrants and Muslims—just as far right forces threaten a coup.

Activists in the US speak out—why our fight for justice isn’t over

24 April 2021
There are big questions and debates opening up about the future of the Black Lives Matter movement

Derek Chauvin is guilty, and so is the whole rotten system

20 April 2021
If tens of millions of people had not taken to the streets and defied the cops then Floyd’s case would have been just another scandal covered up by a corrupt system

Fight killer cops after Floyd trial

19 April 2021
Rage at a racist system and killer cops continued to burn as closing statements were heard on Monday in the trial of Derek Chauvin.

Anti-racist pupils at Pimlico Academy face punishment

19 April 2021
School students who organised a protest over racism at Pimlico academy could face permanent exclusion from school.

Letters—British Gas workers suffer at hands of selfish bosses

17 April 2021
Over the last five years British Gas has dumped on employees from the highest height with countless business area closures, restructures, shift changes and wage freezes.

Here are the Kill The Bill protests this weekend

15 April 2021
These are protests that have been advertised for Saturday and Sunday against the police bill.

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