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Corruption scandal sparks protests in Malaysia

Tens of thousands of people protested in Malaysia last weekend demanding the resignation of prime minister Najib Razak, who is embroiled in a corruption scandal.

The guilty secrets of the British Empire exposed in newly released documents

The guilty secrets of the British Empire exposed in newly released documents The government has been forced to release secret colonial documents it claimed were lost. Ken Olende examines the evidence of Britain’s imperial crimes

Arms trade: Cameron deals in death

David Cameron is on tour, touting for trade for his arms dealer chums in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Burma.

Malaysian skeletons refuse to stay in the cupboard

Malaysian skeletons refuse to stay in the cupboard Skeletons rattle in cupboards. What do you do? Block your ears? Play some loud music to drown out the sound? Or gingerly open the cupboard to see what it is that is disturbing you?

Hundreds of Malaysians protest against Free Trade Agreement

Hundreds of Malaysians protest against Free Trade Agreement On Sunday 26 August more than 500 people staged a strong anti US-FTA (Free Trade Agreement) protest in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman Road at the centre of Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur. The state propaganda machine preferred to concentrate on the coming Merdeka Bash to celebrate 50 years of independence.

East Timor's crisis cannot be solved by imperialism

Over 2,000 Australian troops have been sent to East Timor in the last fortnight as part of an international "peacekeeping force" along with troops from Malaysia, New Zealand and Portugal.

HSBC bank in the rush to the bottom

25 October 2003
BANKING giant HSBC has become the latest multinational to announce plans to move jobs overseas. Some 4,000 jobs will be axed from its call centres in Swansea, Birmingham, Brentwood and Sheffield, and transferred to call centres in India, China and Malaysia.

Hawks at each other's throats

20 September 2003
"IRAQ: THE New War". That headline in the prestigious New York Review of Books captures the scale of the fighting that continues in Iraq. The word occupation does not adequately describe what is happening. There is a new phase in this war that we were assured was won when Western television stations took carefully choreographed shots of the fall of statues to Saddam Hussein five months ago. It is like the colonial wars conducted in the 1950s by the British army in Kenya, Malaysia, Aden and Cyprus, and by France in Algeria.

10,000 jobs lost every single week

30 August 2003
NEW FIGURES from the government's Office for National Statistics show that an incredible 10,000 factory jobs are being lost every week. Some 130,000 workers have lost their jobs in the last three months alone. James Dyson, vacuum cleaner maker, was slammed last year for throwing 800 workers at his Wiltshire plant on the scrap heap. Last week, Dyson added insult to injury by shifting a further 65 jobs to Malaysia.

Voices from the world's biggest global anti-war protest

22 February 2003
Turkey | Luxembourg | Ireland | Australia | Austria | Czech Republic | Malaysia | New Zealand | Switzerland | Malta | Poland | Cyprus | Norway | Germany

US ready to use nuclear weapons

21 December 2002
THE GOVERNMENT is sending a naval task force to the Gulf to prepare for a murderous attack on Iraq. The fleet includes a submarine, a destroyer and an aircraft carrier. Officially the ships are heading for a training event off Malaysia. But one senior official called the exercise "a very convenient cover".

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