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Jean Charles De Menezes family hacked

19 July 2011
The family of Jean Charles De Menezes, the man killed by police on the London Underground in 2005, had their phones hacked by the Murdoch empire. Malicious lies about Jean appeared in the press.

Workers at the heart of the Egyptian Revolt

22 March 2011
There was a deceptive sense of normality in Cairo when I arrived there last week. At the airport, groups of tourists discussed the temperature in Luxor and arrangements for their tour. Roads were full of the usual traffic.

Tunisia: patterns of revolt

25 January 2011
The Tunisian revolution has dramatically interrupted what passes for normality in the Arab world. Despite huge economic inequality, the hated domination of US imperialism, and the occasional assassination, the region suffers from astonishing political stagnation.

Poverty and Western intervention lies behind piracy

03 November 2009
A Somali pirate rang the BBC last week demanding a ransom for a British couple who have been kidnapped from their yacht. He said, "We only need a little amount of $7 million."

War intensifies in Somalia

22 September 2009
A US airstrike on a suspected Al Qaida leader, Saleh Nabhan, in Somalia has triggered a new round of fighting in the east African state.

Somalia: the pirates are in Washington

14 April 2009
The US has confronted Somalia, once again, with its guns blazing. This time special forces killed a group of Somali pirates who were holding captive a US ship’s captain.

A major defeat for US in Somalia

02 December 2008
The US has suffered a bloody defeat in the "third front in the war on terror" after Ethiopia announced it will be ending its occupation of Somalia at the end of the year.

Toxic scandal in Somalia gave birth to new piracy

25 November 2008
When the Asian tsunami of Christmas 2005 washed ashore on the east coast of Africa, it uncovered a great scandal.

CD review: Welcome to Mali – Amadou & Mariam

18 November 2008
The new album by the Malian artists Amadou & Mariam features special guest appearances by Keziah Jones, "M", Tiken Jah Fakoli, Toumani Diabate and Juan Rozoff.

The US and Britain: a strained ‘special’ relationship

21 October 2008
It will come as no surprise to know that British troops helped the US to train the Georgian army. Or that Britain is providing assistance to the US-Ethiopian puppet regime in Somalia, a regime notorious for torture and massacre.

US and British deal hits the buffers in Iraq

21 October 2008
A deal that would formalise the occupation of Iraq by the US and Britain has run aground – again.

Somali rebels drive back Ethiopia’s army of occupiers

16 September 2008
Ethiopia’s US-backed occupation of Somalia is fast unravelling, threatening US control over the Horn of Africa.

Frederick Engels: theorist and fighter

10 June 2008
Frederick Engels stands out as a great thinker and fighter for working class rights whose contribution to socialism has often been undervalued, maligned and distorted.

Somalia’s puppet regime in trouble

13 May 2008
The US-backed occupation of Somalia is finding it increasingly hard to keep control as fighting rages against the Ethiopian army and its allies in the country’s puppet government.

US air raids fuel Somalia's flames of resistance

06 May 2008
Somalia exploded in a wave of riots on Monday in protest at rocketing food price rises.

Tony Blair’s malign influence

06 May 2008
Time magazine has just revealed a list of who it believes are the 100 most influential people in the world.

US ratchets up its global war

04 March 2008
Somalia US warplanes bombed a small town in Somalia earlier this week killing four people and wounding 20 – including four children.

African Soul Rebels

29 January 2008
The now annual African Soul Rebels tour is with us again highlighting the best in African music. This year Mali’s Salif Keita – the "golden voice of Africa" – is headlining with an acoustic set.

Kenya's rulers are allies of the West

08 January 2008
The US sees Kenya as a strategic ally in the "war on terror" particularly as it borders countries including Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan. The government has allowed military bases for both the US and Britain, as well as anchorage in Mombasa for naval vessels.

Somalia invasion one year on

08 January 2008
Over 2000 people across Britain joined a global day of action on on 28 December to mark the first anniversary of the US-backed Ethiopian invasion of Somalia.

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