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US and British deal hits the buffers in Iraq

21 October 2008
A deal that would formalise the occupation of Iraq by the US and Britain has run aground – again.

Somali rebels drive back Ethiopia’s army of occupiers

16 September 2008
Ethiopia’s US-backed occupation of Somalia is fast unravelling, threatening US control over the Horn of Africa.

Frederick Engels: theorist and fighter

10 June 2008
Frederick Engels stands out as a great thinker and fighter for working class rights whose contribution to socialism has often been undervalued, maligned and distorted.

Somalia’s puppet regime in trouble

13 May 2008
The US-backed occupation of Somalia is finding it increasingly hard to keep control as fighting rages against the Ethiopian army and its allies in the country’s puppet government.

Tony Blair’s malign influence

06 May 2008
Time magazine has just revealed a list of who it believes are the 100 most influential people in the world.

US air raids fuel Somalia's flames of resistance

06 May 2008
Somalia exploded in a wave of riots on Monday in protest at rocketing food price rises.

US ratchets up its global war

04 March 2008
Somalia US warplanes bombed a small town in Somalia earlier this week killing four people and wounding 20 – including four children.

African Soul Rebels

29 January 2008
The now annual African Soul Rebels tour is with us again highlighting the best in African music. This year Mali’s Salif Keita – the "golden voice of Africa" – is headlining with an acoustic set.

Kenya's rulers are allies of the West

08 January 2008
The US sees Kenya as a strategic ally in the "war on terror" particularly as it borders countries including Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan. The government has allowed military bases for both the US and Britain, as well as anchorage in Mombasa for naval vessels.

Somalia invasion one year on

08 January 2008
Over 2000 people across Britain joined a global day of action on on 28 December to mark the first anniversary of the US-backed Ethiopian invasion of Somalia.

Refugees left to rot in Calais

11 December 2007
Rejected by Britain, abandoned by France and adrift inside fortress Europe. The countries they fled from reads like a list of the battlegrounds in the "war of terror" – Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, Iraq, Kurdistan, Palestine, Somalia, Iran, Eritrea.

Somalia: resistance grows to US-backed occupation

20 November 2007
‘The US claims that Somalia is the "third front" in the "war on terror". It supported the Ethiopian invasion in December 2006, saying that it was saving ordinary people from a form of "Taliban rule" by the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC), which had transformed the country into a "haven for Al Qaida".

Somalia demo: ‘We want our country back’

13 November 2007
Over 500 people joined an angry demonstration in London against foreign intervention in Somalia on Saturday of last week.

Bush and Sharon are the world's biggest terrorists

16 July 2007
Who will the Bush gang bomb next? Tony Blair and his government have backed US president George Bush's war in Afghanistan to the hilt. But even some sections of New Labour are worried about his plans to spread his war to Iraq, Somalia or any other country the US decides is a "rogue state".

US warship fires on Somali village

05 June 2007
A US warship fired missiles on a village in north east Somalia on Friday of last week – a bombardment that was almost completely ignored by the British media.

Situation in Somalia worse than Darfur says UN official

15 May 2007
The crisis faced by up to 400,000 people fleeing attacks launched by US-backed Ethiopian and Somali government forces in Mogadishu, Somalia is "worse than Darfur", the United Nations’ humanitarian chief said this week. "In terms of the numbers of people displaced, and our access to them, Somalia is a worse crisis than Darfur or Chad or anywhere else this year," said John Holmes, a former British diplomat and now the UN’s emergency humanitarian coordinator.

Iraq oil strike postponed

14 May 2007
The Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (IFOU) has postponed its planned strike on Monday over the handing over of Iraq’s oil to multinationals. It postponed the action after it won negotiations with prime minister Nouri al Maliki in Baghdad set for Tuesday.

Mortgaging Iraq’s oil

08 May 2007
Iraqi Prime minister Nouri al-Maliki has called it "a gift to all the Iraqi people". But it is profit-hungry oil multinationals who will be the real winners from the new oil law being debated by the Iraqi parliament.

Ethiopian army kills thousands in Somalia

01 May 2007
A savage bombardment of the Somali capital Mogadishu by occupying Ethiopian forces has left thousands dead and driven over 350,000 people from their homes.

Demonstrating for Esol: out to stop language cuts

01 May 2007
"This is not just about language. We will lose everything if these cuts go ahead," said Somali refugee Ibrahim Abdullahi as he joined a lively protest on Saturday against proposed cuts to the provision of English for speakers of other languages (Esol).

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