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The Farepak dinner ladies' letter to Mrs Thompson

09 December 2006
So Mrs Thompson, we wish you, your husband and family no ill will or malice, in fact we hope that you all have a truly wonderful Christmas, as it will at least give us some sense of satisfaction to know that your family is at least reaping the benefits of the values that we had instilled in us as children, that if we wanted something we worked for it, and by us doing so it may not have proved very beneficial for us or our families, but, on Christmas morning, when you turn over in bed, and your husband hands you a gift, beautifully wrapped, and in the moment before you unwrap it, when you are feeling excited, and wondering what it contains, could you just stop a minute, and ask yourself, a

Why ‘two states’ is not the solution for Palestine

05 August 2006
The massacre at Qana is typical of the malicious brutality with which Israel has conducted all its wars, not just the present one. It poses the perennial question of how Israel can ever coexist peacefully with the rest of the Middle East.

Defeat of the warlords in Somalia is a setback for US strategy

15 July 2006
For the first time for many years there is a sense of relief and hope among many people in Somalia.

New Myths of the East End

08 April 2006
Read our new monthly supplement SR, with this issue, with a lead article by Chris Jones on New Myths of the East End, an interview with Us author Studs Terkel and Third World Reports on Mali, Thailand, Iraq and Latin AMerica

Somali community demands justice for Nuur Saeed

11 February 2006
Some 600 people took to the streets of Plumstead last weekend to protest over the death of Nuur Saeed. He died on 24 January from injuries sustained following a police raid on a flat in south east London.

Family wants truth about how Nuur Saeed died

04 February 2006
Nuur Saeed died on 24 January from injuries he sustained following a police raid on a flat in south east London. He is the most obvious victim of what local residents are calling a "wave of harassment" of the Somali community in recent months.

The WSF in Caracas, Venezuela and Bamako, Mali

28 January 2006
Nicolas Van Labeke and Neil McAlister write from Bamako the capital of Mali in West Africa

Mali is the next stop for the World Social Forum

21 January 2006
Thousands of people were travelling to Bamako in Mali, west Africa, this week for the World Social Forum (WSF).

I may die trying to win freedom

15 October 2005
I come from Bamoko in Mali, about 2,000 miles from the Nador in Morocco where I am now. It was the death of my child which made me leave my wife behind, along with my two other children and my father and mother.

Respect events

08 October 2005
Ehe Alhijra Somali football team were worthy winners of the first Unity five a side football tournament organised by Haringey Respect in north London.

World Social Forum: three crucial gatherings

17 September 2005
The next World Social Forum (WSF) will take place simultaneously in three cities — Caracas in Venezuela, Karachi in Pakistan and Bamako in Mali. It is set to take place from 25-29 January 2006.

Police chief’s attack on Somalis

20 August 2005
Tarique Ghaffur, an assistant commissioner for London’s Metropolitan Police and the man responsible for community policing, launched an attack on the Somali community last week.

Help free Matthews Ndlovu

18 December 2004
MATTHEWS NDLOVU, a South African activist fighting against privatisation, has been sentenced to two years in jail for "malicious damage to property".


13 December 2003
Abortion – why we defend women's right to choose THE COURT case brought by trainee vicar Joanna Jepson to have a doctor charged for performing an abortion after 24 weeks because of "severe foetal abnormality" has caused uproar in the media.

Beacon for those who hate Blair

26 July 2003
ASIANS WHO have traditionally voted Labour, already angry about the war on Iraq, privatisation and the demonisation of Islam, are even angrier after being snubbed again. The Labour Party has narrowly selected the Blairite MEP Robert Evans instead of Shahid Malik as their candidate for Brent East. The election may be as early as September.

Anti-racism, anti-Nazi

04 January 2003
AROUND 50 people, black and white, gathered in the week before Christmas to show their horror and anger at a racist attack in Hackney, east London. Ahmed Ali, a man of Somali origin, was attacked by three white men who beat him with a metal bar. He was badly wounded and lost the sight of one eye. The protest brought together local trade unionists, members of the community and Somali groups to show their total opposition to racism.

Does suspension of Assembly put Irish peace at the crossroads?

19 October 2002
THE GOVERNMENT'S decision to suspend the Northern Ireland Assembly is supposed to be a response to alleged spying by a Republican (see below) supporter. In fact, Tony Blair's decision says to Northern Ireland's Unionists that all is well and the Catholics have been dumped on again. When the Good Friday agreement was signed in 1998 the vast majority of Irish people, Catholic and Protestant, hoped for an end to violence and some sort of normality.

Why Somalis hit back against US forces

19 January 2002
Black Hawk Down does not even attempt to explain why the vast majority of Somalis hated the US forces by October 1993. When the troops arrived they were welcomed and greeted as friends come to help. Within months their behaviour had alienated people who had cheered them. Once the US forces began clashing with Somalis, the US helicopters began what they called "rotor washing"-hovering above houses and markets so that the downdraft blew walls apart and tore off roofs.

US threatens new targets

12 January 2002
PEOPLE IN the poor African country of Somalia feared this week that they were to become the latest targets in the US "war on terror". The US, and key allies Britain and France, have increased surveillance flights to four or five a day over Somalia in the last week.

Who will the Bush gang bomb next?

08 December 2001
Tony Blair and his government have backed US president George Bush's war in Afghanistan to the hilt. But even some sections of New Labour are worried about his plans to spread his war to Iraq, Somalia or any other country the US decides is a "rogue state".

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