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Bosses’ coalition takes over in Ireland

30 June 2020
It’s a desperate attempt to maintain the old set-up after it was rejected by voters earlier this year

Letters: Solidarity with Black Lives Matter movement in Ireland

16 June 2020
Almost 70 Black Lives Matter protesters have been issued with fines for attending the socially-distanced rallies in Derry and Belfast on Saturday 6 June. 

Irish elections show angry rejection of establishment

09 February 2020
The major establishment parties took a kicking in the Irish general election last Saturday.

Who are Sinn Fein?

08 February 2020
As counting begins in the Irish elections, Socialist Worker wishes the best to Solidarity-People Before Profit. With Sinn Fein neck and neck for top spot according to exit polls, Simon Basketter looks at the party’s history.

Irish elections set to show long term shift away from three main parties

04 February 2020
Irish taoiseach (prime minister) Leo Varadkar was hoping to get an easy ride to re-election this week.

Dublin Murders—more than just another detective show?

08 October 2019
There are some hard bitten cliches in this hard bitten BBC cop drama, writes Simon Basketter, but the character-driven storyline has depth and potential

Break up the British state

01 October 2019
The crisis in official politics has made the break-up of the British state a living debate again.

Britain’s Irish war - fifty years after troops went into Derry

12 August 2019
On 14 August 1969 Harold Wilson, then Labour prime minister, deployed British troops to the streets of Northern Ireland.

Oppressed people aren’t always united

25 March 2019
Divisions sown by the ruling class can have a devastating effect, writes Simon Basketter

International round up: Huge march for nurses in Ireland

12 February 2019
Huge march for nurses in Ireland

Nurses in Ireland stage pay strikes

05 February 2019
More than 35,000 striking nurses have picketed hospitals across Ireland, telling the government they can take no more.

What’s behind the hard border debate in Ireland?

05 February 2019
Tomáš Tengely-Evans unpacks the arguments around the “backstop” agreement and what it means for ordinary people

The first Dail—when Ireland defied Westminster

22 January 2019
The story of the first Dail shows it’s possible to break the rule of Westminster, writes Simon Basketter

Large protest in Dublin over housing crisis and widespread homelessness

09 October 2018
The Irish government faces a mass movement over a housing crisis

Black 47's Western genre does justice to the horror of Ireland’s famine

02 October 2018
Black 47 is a familiar tale of righteous violent revenge. But its subject matter sees it stand alone from other classics of the genre

Riots erupt around annual festival of anti-Catholic bonfire celebrations

17 July 2018
Rioting broke out around the annual expression of sectarianism in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland—how Britain rules a last outpost of empire

04 June 2018
Why isn’t Northern Ireland in Ireland?

Irish repeal movement’s historic win deals blow to bigotry

29 May 2018
Irish voters delivered a ­landslide two to one vote to repeal the 8th Amendment and liberalise abortion laws last Saturday.

Victory for abortion rights in Ireland

26 May 2018
The result was conclusive. Over 66 percent voted Yes to repeal the anti-abortion clause in the constitution.

Getting the bigots on the back foot in Ireland

22 May 2018
Sinead is one of tens of thousands of women who have been forced to leave Ireland to access abortion services.

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