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General strike looks likely in Ireland

03 March 2009
There is growing momentum for a one-day general strike in Ireland.

Waterford occupation goes on tour

03 March 2009
Workers from the Waterford Crystal factory occupation received a very warm welcome when they visited Glasgow last week.

Ireland shows the way to resist the recession

24 February 2009
Anger at the Irish government's response to the recession erupted onto the streets of Dublin last Saturday.

Hunger DVD

24 February 2009
This film tells the story of Bobby Sands and hunger strikers in the H blocks of Northern Ireland.

Irish ‘pensions levy’: ‘The people that caused this crisis should take the pain’

17 February 2009
As the economic crisis grows by the day, bosses and the government are agreed on one thing – that it is workers who must pay for the mess that those at the top have presided over.

Gains of Waterford fight are crystal clear

17 February 2009
The inspirational fight to save jobs at Waterford Crystal took a step forward this week.

Video of Waterford Crystal workers occupying the receiver’s offices in Dublin

04 February 2009
Workers from the Waterford Crystal occupation occupy the head office of the company’s receiver Deloitte and Touche in Dublin, Wednesday 4 February 2009

Waterford Crystal: ‘We’re occupying this plant to save our jobs’

03 February 2009
Workers at the Waterford Crystal factory in Ireland have delivered a powerful example of how to take on the recession – they are occupying their plant to keep it open.

Good Friday: The Death of Irish Republicanism

27 January 2009
Anthony McIntyre has been one of the most determined of Sinn Fein’s critics. But unlike most critics of the Irish Republican party he is not coming from the right.

Lisbon treaty: Irish can say no to neoliberal Europe again

15 December 2008
Next October the Irish people will be asked to vote once again on the European Union’s (EU) Lisbon Treaty. This is despite the referendum held in June this year, when 1.6 million people turned out and rejected the treaty by a margin of over 110,000 votes.

United fight for education in Ireland

15 December 2008
Over 120,000 parents, teachers, and school and university students have joined protests against the Irish government’s cuts to education.

Hunger: The mundane evil at the heart of the British state

04 November 2008
Looking back the shocking thing is just how mundane it was to visit Northern Ireland’s H Blocks of Long Kesh – or "the Maze" as the British called it.

Northern Ireland 1968: Derry’s days of rage

30 September 2008
On 5 October 1968 a few hundred demonstrators assembled in the mainly Protestant area of the Waterside in Derry in Northern Ireland.

Workers reject neoliberal EU treaty in Irish referendum

13 June 2008
The neoliberal European Lisbon Treaty has been thrown out by the Irish voters as counting continues.

Raytheon Nine trial starts

21 May 2008
The trial of the Raytheon Nine got underway after a number of delays and postponements on Tuesday at Laganside Court in Belfast.

Ireland - no payback for “social partnership” pay deals

15 January 2008
During the 1990s the Irish Republic was the world’s fastest growing economy, creating the so-called "Celtic Tiger".

New evidence: the reality of detention without trial in Northern Ireland

27 November 2007
Gordon Brown wants to extend the limit for quizzing terror suspects from 28 days to 56 or 58.

The inside story of British death squads in Northern Ireland

08 August 2007
British military operations have ended in Northern Ireland. Simon Basketter reveals how a campaign to terrorise Catholics was orchestrated by military intelligence

The British army’s campaign against Catholics in Northern Ireland

08 August 2007
The British army ceased active duty on the streets of Northern Ireland last week – 38 years after they first arrived in Belfast and Derry. This was called Operation Banner.

1907 Belfast strike showed the power to end the sectarian divide

15 May 2007
Much was made last week of the politicians of Northern Ireland coming together apparently to bring peace. But 100 years ago, there was a far more inspiring and grassroots example of people coming together in Ireland, which is rarely written about in the mainstream press.

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