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Irish marchers demand union action

30 November 2010
The anger on the march was not just directed at the banks and the government, but also at the inaction of the unions.

Irish government unveils new attack on workers

24 November 2010
The Irish government today launched its latest attack on workers.

Irish workers must not pay bankers’ bills

23 November 2010
A political and economic crisis is sweeping across Ireland—and it threatens to engulf several other countries.

Cuts drive Ireland into a new recession

28 September 2010
A clear lesson is coming from Ireland—cuts and austerity do not end recession, and they can make it worse.

Gerry Conlon: ‘I confessed after being kidnapped and brutalised’

07 September 2010
‘I was arrested on 30 November 1974. I was dragged from my bed at home in Northern Ireland. I was handcuffed and thrown in the back of an army personnel carrier with squaddies in.

Paddy Hill: ‘I was taken out of prison. But prison wasn’t taken out of me’

07 September 2010
‘The experience never goes away," says Paddy Hill. He still burns with anger at the British state 35 years after he was imprisoned for a bombing he did not commit.

Roots of riots in Northern Ireland

20 July 2010
Four nights of rioting in Northern Ireland saw much media talk of "men of violence" orchestrating trouble.

Eamonn McCann: David Cameron's stomach-churning hypocrisy

22 June 2010
If David Cameron seriously believed that slaughtering unarmed civilians is wrong, he would cancel the imminent deployment of the Parachute Regiment to Afghanistan, where in the past year, around 2,000 civilians have been killed by US and British troops.

Britain sowed violence and division in Ireland

22 June 2010
The conflict in Northern Ireland did not begin with Bloody Sunday in 1972. It didn’t even begin with the partition of Ireland into north and south fifty years earlier.

Bloody Sunday: Violence flows from nature of the state

15 June 2010
Bloody Sunday exposes the brutality at the heart of the British state. And if also shows that if anything critical of the state emerges, our rulers will try to convince us that it was an aberration.

British state wanted to crush people’s revolt

15 June 2010
Bloody Sunday was a British atrocity, and the biggest single killing by state forces in the course of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Spirit of Greece comes to Dublin as 2,000 march on parliament

13 May 2010
Two thousand people braved lashing rain to march to the Dail (parliament) in Dublin, southern Ireland, on Tuesday to protest at the Bank Bail-Out.

Eamonn McCann: Fighting for unity in Derry

27 April 2010
The general election in Northern Ireland is dominated by sectarian division – except in Foyle, Derry, where People Before Profit candidate Eamonn McCann is standing.

Bloody Sunday families want report released

23 March 2010
The Labour government is delaying the release of the Saville Report into the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre until after the general election.

Bloody Sunday victims' relatives protest over delayed report

17 March 2010
Relatives of those killed on Bloody Sunday are protesting outside Downing Street, the Ministry of Defence and Buckingham Palace today, Wednesday.

New battles against cuts in Ireland

09 March 2010
Trade union leaders in Ireland have been forced to announce a new series of strikes over pay cuts, job losses and attacks on pensions.

Icelanders vote against compensation

09 March 2010
Voters in Iceland have overwhelmingly rejected the terms of a deal to compensate British and Dutch banking customers for their losses after the bank Icesave collapsed in 2008.

Iris Robinson: scandal and sectarianism in Northern Ireland

12 January 2010
Peter Robinson, the first minister of Northern Ireland, has resigned – temporarily, he claims.

Irish workers’ anger at brutal cuts held back

15 December 2009
The economic crisis in Ireland has resulted in a series of vicious attacks on workers.

Irish workers are let down

08 December 2009
The Irish government’s attempts to push though devastating cuts received a helping hand last week.

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