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Oaxaca - solitude in flames

11 November 2006
At least 15 people are dead, dozens imprisoned and hundreds injured by state-backed repression in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

The democratic convention: a step forward for democracy in Mexico

23 September 2006
Last Saturday the civil resistance movement in Mexico held a national democratic convention in the capital Mexico City.

Mexico’s popular revolt

16 September 2006
Mexico was rocked by powerful revolts against neo-liberalism throughout the 1990s, and these struggles have continued into the 21st century. But until now none has succeeded in building a broad political movement that could challenge for power at a national level.

Mexico: key moment in democracy battle

09 September 2006
Friday 1 September was a key date in the battle against electoral fraud in Mexico. Outgoing president Vicente Fox was set to give his last annual state of the nation speech to Congress.

Mexican state clashes with a movement that has taken over the city centre of Oaxaca

02 September 2006
Oaxaca, a city in southern Mexico, has become the scene of nightly pitched battles in which striking teachers have been attacked by armed police and paramilitaries.

‘Civil resistance’ challenges result of Mexican election

12 August 2006
A "civil resistance" movement, involving millions of people, has sprung up in Mexico to challenge the result of the 2 July presidential election.

Protests grow after Mexican vote fraud

15 July 2006
The outcome of Mexico’s presidential election, held on the 2 July, shows the deep crisis in the country’s political system.

Massive demonstration calls for recount in Mexican election

15 July 2006
A demonstration of 1.5 to 2 million people took place in Mexico on Sunday - the biggest in Mexican political history. Mexico City's zocalo (main square) was already full at 9am as the march was setting off from the other side of town. It was impossibe to get within a mile of the zocalo due to the masses of people.

Mass demonstration against repression of teachers in Mexico

24 June 2006
Some 300,000 teachers and their supporters marched though Oaxaca city in Mexico on Friday of last week. The mobilisation, which included people from across the country, was protesting at the repression of striking teachers and calling for the resignation of Oaxaca state governor Ulises Ruiz Ortíz.

Mexico’s ‘other campaign’ grows

18 February 2006
Representatives of the Zapatista group are currently touring towns and cities in Mexico, as part of their "other campaign" – an attempt to build an anti-capitalist Mexico.

The Zapatistas’ election campaign with a difference

26 November 2005
Latin America will see 11 presidential elections in the next year. But it is the elections set to take place in Mexico on 2 July 2006 that are currently attracting most attention internationally.

Zapatistas looking to take power?

22 October 2005
One of the disasters that have afflicted different parts of the world in recent months, was Hurricane Stan, which swept southern Mexico and Central America nearly three weeks ago.

The Zapatistas launch their ‘Other Campaign’

24 September 2005
Eleven years and nine months have elapsed since the fateful New Year’s Day 1994 when the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) conquered San Cristobal de las Casas, the capital of the Mexican state of Chiapas.

Who says?

17 September 2005
"I’m going to go home and walk my dog and hug my wife and maybe get a good Mexican meal and a stiff margarita and a full night’s sleep."Michael Brown, resigning from the US department in charge of the New Orleans rescue when his lack of experience was discovered


25 June 2005

Reviews in brief

12 March 2005
Frida Kahlo photo exhibition Frida Kahlo — Portraits of an Icon is a free exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London, until 26 June. The 50 photographic portraits of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo span her life, beginning with a photograph of her as a two year old and ending with the image of Kahlo on her deathbed.

'They asked if my uncle was Osama Bin Laden'

13 March 2004
BUSH AND Blair's imperialist project needs to have an internal enemy, someone to scapegoat, someone to blame for both national and international ills. Muslims are now the new bogeymen, the new Communists. I was a victim of this recently. On 9 February I was passing through the US from Mexico on a transit flight back to London.


24 January 2004
Avoiding the state Mike Gonzalez (Socialist Worker, 17 January) is right to describe how the Zapatista movement in Mexico has provided a great inspiration for activists across the world.

Ten years since the Zapatista uprising

17 January 2004
ON 1 January 1994 the presidents of Canada, Mexico and the US called a press conference to announce the creation of the North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA).

A movement springs to life

01 November 2003
MY BOOK The Fountain at the centre of the World is based in Britain, Mexico and the US. It ends with the anti World Trade Organisation riots in Seattle in 1999. I was there during the protests. It was the first time I was part of proper history.

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