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Shell’s links with murder in Nigeria aren’t forgotten

13 November 2020
Twenty five years ago this week nine protest leaders in Nigeria were executed who were fighting environmental destruction caused by fossil fuel giant Shell.

Protesters return to the streets in Nigeria despite waves of state repression

08 November 2020
Starting with action against police violence, many protesters are now targeting the vagabonds in power (VIPs)

Revolt in Nigeria continues after massacre of protesters

21 October 2020
The government of Nigeria in west Africa sent soldiers firing live ammunition to massacre protesters in the capital, Lagos, on Tuesday. Members of the Socialist Workers and Youth League write from Nigeria.

Chinua Achebe—a pioneering writer who skewered colonialism

10 October 2020
Chinua Achebe transformed African writing. He was born in 1930 in Nigeria, at the time a British colony.

Audacious film about police brutality in French suburbs

07 September 2020
This impressive debut film of the black French filmmaker Ladj Ly, Les Miserables, is an incendiary provocative drama.

Is Akon City Black Power forever?

06 September 2020
Rapper Akon plans to build a new city where black people can escape racism. But, as Yuri Prasad writes, any system based on riches for a few means oppression will remain

Mali’s military oust Western-backed president amid mass protests

19 August 2020
The French-backed president of Mali, West Africa, resigned on Tuesday after soldiers seized him from his home. His demise follows months of mass protests against corruption and lack of democracy.

Thomas Sankara—Goal of liberation couldn’t come from above

04 August 2020
Thomas Sankara is ­sometimes referred to as “Africa’s Che Guevara”. 

Virus tears through poorer countries as fears of a ‘second wave’ grip China

16 June 2020
The global coronavirus crisis is far from over.

‘Explosions of mass struggles are on the horizon’ as Nigeria eases virus lockdown

10 May 2020
Nigeria in west Africa is emerging from lockdown in a climate of authoritarian state rule and continuing fears about coronavirus.

Locust devastation in East Africa is linked to climate change

25 April 2020
Some 40 percent of the 160 million people in the region are already undernourished

Could demonstrations mark a new phase of the revolution in Sudan?

29 October 2019
People are becoming frustrated at the lack of change, reports Charlie Kimber

Foul corruption sparks angry demonstrations in Guinea

29 October 2019
Huge crowds of demonstrators flooded the streets of Guinea’s capital, Conakry, last week.

We can’t rely on the rich to save the planet

02 September 2019
Even the rich are waking up to the scale of the threat—or so it seems. But the logic of capitalism—to always maximise profits—means we can’t trust them.

Riot police lash out in Zimbabwe

20 August 2019
Riot police in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, fired tear gas and beat demonstrators during a crackdown on opposition supporters last Friday.

A third of Zimbabweans face a food crisis due to climate change and neoliberalism

07 August 2019
More than five million people in Zimbabwe face hunger or starvation, according to the United Nations (UN).

How the West is stealing millions from people in Libya

05 July 2019
Simon Basketter looks at what the news that Britain is receiving cash from frozen assets shows about imperialism

Sudan - a history of a mass revolt

30 June 2019
A timeline of the inspiring six-month revolt in Sudan which has raised issues about revolution today

Huge protests in Sudan defy police attacks and call for an end to military rule

30 June 2019
Huge demonstrations swept Sudan on Sunday demanding an end to military rule.

Sudan - revolution at the crossroads

26 June 2019
Sudan’s opposition leaders have said they will agree to a compromise deal with the country’s military rulers. But the military rejected it.

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