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Zimbabwe trial grills star witness

10 January 2012
The cross-examination of the prosecution’s star witness resumed on Monday in the trial of six Zimbabwe socialists.

Millions protest as indefinite strike shakes streets of Nigeria

10 January 2012
Nigeria arose on Monday as its workers began an indefinite general strike.

Nigerians in London protest against fuel price hike

06 January 2012
Several hundred Nigerians joined a noisy protest outside the Nigerian High Commission in central London on Thursday afternoon. They were angry that the West African country's President, Goodluck Jonathan, says he will abolish the subsidy on fuel prices. The government says everyone must tighten their belts—but only the poor rely on the subsidy to make costs of cooking and transport bearable. Many ordinary Nigerians say the subsidy is the only benefit they have had from the country's oil wealth.

Thousands of Congolese protesters block central London

15 December 2011
Several thousand Congolese protesters thronged through central London on Wednesday afternoon, protesting at fraud in the recent presidential election. They started at the BBC near Oxford Circus, where they complained about a relative news blackout on election violence. They marched across the West End to Whitehall, chanting, "Kabila must go". The demonstrators say the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) sitting president Joseph Kabila fixed the election to ensure he was re-elected and that his main opponent Etienne Tshisekedi was the real victor.

Durban climate conference: a bitter disappointment

15 December 2011
The United Nations climate talks in Durban, South Africa, have ended. Evil has been done on a scale that is hard to grasp.

Spy exposed in Zimbabwe trial

13 December 2011
The defence team in the trial of six Zimbabwe socialists resumed its cross-examination of the main prosecution witness last Monday.

Frantz Fanon's struggle

13 December 2011
‘If Africa is to be free we cannot beg. We must tear away by force what belongs to us. All forms of struggle must be adopted, not excluding violence." Those were the words of Frantz Fanon addressing an anti-colonial conference in Ghana in 1958.

Congolese anger at Kabila’s disputed election victory

13 December 2011
Violence has erupted across the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as it was announced last week that sitting president Joseph Kabila had won presidential elections.

Thousands march in Durban against climate Cop-out

06 December 2011
The UN climate negotiations—the Conference of Parties, or ‘the Cop'—in Durban, South Africa, are deciding to do nothing about climate change for many years to come.

An African election

06 December 2011
The West African state of Ghana held a presidential election in 2008. This documentary follows the campaign, interviewing candidates and filming rallies and electoral officials.

London protest against Congo repression

06 December 2011
Hundreds of people protested in Whitehall, central London, last Saturday against repression in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tories’ hot air on climate

28 November 2011
The latest UN climate change conference began in Durban, South Africa, on Monday of this week. But the Tories don’t seem too concerned.

Rulers’ plans will let planet burn

22 November 2011
There will be mass demonstrations outside the United Nations (UN) climate summit in Durban, South Africa, next month.

Shock revelations in Zimbabwe socialists' trial

08 November 2011
In a shock development, lawyers defending the Zimbabwe "treason trialists" claim the main prosecution witness is a fraud.

Is seven billion too many? The racist myth of ‘overpopulation’

25 October 2011
The TV news report opens with a close-up of a malnourished African child. As the world’s population reaches seven billion, we are told that overpopulation is the cause of poverty.

US sends troops into Uganda

25 October 2011
Barack Obama is to send 100 "military advisers" to Uganda and across central Africa to assist in the fight against the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

Afrika Eye film festival

18 October 2011
This year’s Afrika Eye Festival explores the changes taking place in Africa and beyond.

Protests show a shift in US class consciousness

18 October 2011
Some 400 people marched with Occupy New Orleans last Saturday. Mostly young, about 50 of them were African-American.

When China Met Africa

04 October 2011
The shifting relationship between China and Africa has completely passed most people by.

Police spy gives evidence at trial of six Zimbabwean socialists

04 October 2011
The trial continues in Zimbabwe of six socialists threatened with long prison terms for showing a video about the Arab Spring.

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