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Death toll of Cyclone Idai in southern Africa is the result of appalling capitalist priorities

25 March 2019
Hundreds, and probably thousands, of people have died as a result of Cyclone Idai.

Sudanese activists speak out on revolt - ‘I don’t think the government can survive.’

19 February 2019
People in Britain are organising solidarity with the inspiring movement of resistance demanding real change in Sudan. Some spoke to Sadie Robinson about the challenges and possibilities

Zimbabwe eyewitness - ‘The government has declared war on its citizens’

20 January 2019
Workers and the poor rose up against the government, and they face bitter repression

Revolt in Zimbabwe against austerity and dictatorship

14 January 2019
Workers and the poor are staying away from work, demonstrating and fighting the police

Mass protests in Sudan rock Omar al-Bashir’s regime

29 December 2018
Mass protests in the north African country of Sudan over the price of basic goods have been met by vicious repression. But they have continued and threaten President Omar al-Bashir, who has ruled since a military coup in 1989.

British royal visit to Nigeria after mass killing of peaceful marchers

06 November 2018
Prince Charles visited Nigeria in West Africa this week in the aftermath of a horrendous state massacre.

International round-up - arrests in Zimbabwe and Palestinian death toll rises

16 October 2018
Trade unionists in Zimbabwe, southern Africa, faced repression last week.

First vote for Zimbabwe after Mugabe

31 July 2018
Results of the first Zimbabwean presidential election since the fall of dictator Robert Mugabe were expected this week.

Western-backed regime in Ethiopia cracks down after protests topple prime minister

20 February 2018
Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned last week following nearly three years of protests

The history of foreign aid is steeped in imperialism

17 February 2018
Right wingers are using revelations about Oxfam in Haiti for their own ends.

Black Panther raises tough arguments about liberation

15 February 2018
Marvel’s latest superhero film stands out for its proud portrayal of African people—but it draws some uncomfortable conclusions

A colonial massacre in Africa fully revealed for the first time

25 December 2017
Eighty years ago a colonial massacre of over 20,000 people was carried out by Italian fascist forces in Ethiopia

Robert Mugabe—how an anti-colonialist hero became an authoritarian nationalist

21 November 2017
Robert Mugabe has died. Here is his political obituary we wrote in 2017 when he was removed from office.

Zimbabwean socialist responds to ‘palace coup’ facing Mugabe’s regime

15 November 2017
The Zimbabwean armed forces seized control of the capital Harare and detained president Robert Mugabe early on Wednesday morning. It is the result of a spiralling political crisis facing the regime, with rival factions of the ruling Zanu PF party jostling for power.

Eritreans in London protest over state crackdown

07 November 2017
Over 300 Eritreans protested outside Downing Street in London calling for an end to repression in Eritrea, religious freedom and an end to the regime of the current president, Isaias Afwerki.

Climate change displaces millions and is set to get worse, says new report

02 November 2017
Climate change is already driving millions of people from their homes in poorer countries around the world.

International round-up - protests in Togo while right makes gains in Czech election

31 October 2017
Brutal repression by Togolese dictator Faure Gnassingbe’s regime has forced more than 500 people to flee the West African country for Ghana.

Behind Trump's contempt for Myeshia Johnson lies a story of US imperialism

24 October 2017
The death of US Sergeant La David Johnson in Niger has exposed the callousness of Donald Trump towards those he orders into battle.

Troops shoot protesters in Cameroon

03 October 2017
Soldiers shot dead at least eight people and wounded many in Cameroon on Sunday.

Moroccan protests combat repression, poverty and inequality

20 June 2017
The movement has revived again on a national scale with tens of thousands involved in demonstrations

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