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Classic African music

02 July 2005
KhaledKhaled (1992)

‘Africans will not be silent victims’

02 July 2005
Imagine a different G8. Flying in to Lagos, the centre of the United States of Benin, are the leaders of Great Zimbabwe, Katanga and Aksum. They will be joined by other leaders of Asia and South America to decide their latest proposals for lifting the debt burden from impoverished states in Europe.

Make war and poverty history

25 June 2005
The planet’s most dangerous men are coming to Scotland in two weeks time to attend the G8 summit. Men whose economic policies are causing catastrophe in Africa, Latin America and beyond.

International Socialism journal

25 June 2005
How the G8 is strangling the world Gavin Capps, Charlie Kimber and Jacob Middleton expose the neo-liberal trick held up by Blair and Brown as a solution to poverty in Africa

Divisions at heart of South Africa’s rulers

25 June 2005
THABO MBEKI, the president of South Africa, fired deputy president Jacob Zuma, the country’s second most powerful politician, last week.

Geldof In Africa throws spotlight on trade injustice

18 June 2005
Pride of place in the BBC’s upcoming Africa Lives season goes to a series called Geldof In Africa. Six 30 minute reports, with a related coffee table book, will start on BBC1 at 7.30pm on Monday of next week.

G8 hypocrisy over corruption and aid

11 June 2005
"The problems of Africa are very complex. Aid just gets swallowed up in corruption." That argument, from the Daily Telegraph, has been repeated in various forms in the last week.

Africa round-up

11 June 2005
Niger Some 2,500 people marched through the streets of Niger’s capital, Niamey, last week to demand that the government does more to relieve the food crisis.

The poor rise up in fury to protest in Cape Town

11 June 2005
Toyi-toying youth, burning tyres, barricades, teargas, stun grenades, rubber bullets, running battles with the police — these scenes from apartheid’s battlefields were rerun in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa, over the last week.

Using art as a weapon — Ousmane Sembène's story

11 June 2005
Ousmane Sembène was born in 1923 in Senegal. At the time this was part of the colony of French West Africa.

Moolaadé — a battle of traditions

11 June 2005
Moolaadé Directed by Ousmane Sembène

Interview with Ousmane Sembène — father of African film

11 June 2005
In London to promote his new film, Moolaadé, Senegalese film maker and novelist Ousmane Sembène spoke to Ken Olende and Charlie Kimber

Meetings on Africa at Marxism 2005

28 May 2005
The Marxism 2005 event in central London from 7-11 July will feature meetings on Africa. Including: Resistance in Africa Today, Britain’s Legacy: the Mau Mau, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, and What Happened to the Dream of African Liberation?

Africa is crying out for justice

28 May 2005
Every G7 or G8 summit has been punctuated by statements on "debt relief". They all turned out to be broken promises. The statement on debt issued in London on 5 February this year by G7 finance ministers dashed hopes and expectations raised by an impassioned plea made by Nelson Mandela to the same ministers the day before. Yet, chancellor Gordon Brown hailed the statement as "a breakthrough" and said, "It is the richest countries hearing the voices of the poor."

Revolt in Togo after dictator’s son claims election win

05 May 2005
The presidential election in Togo, west Africa, has unleashed protests, strikes and riots. At least 20 people have been killed in the fighting.

Joy as stolen objects are returned to Africa

05 May 2005
An extraordinary event has taken place in one of Africa’s most significant historic sites.

Algeria — the war didn’t end in 1945

05 May 2005
Sixty years ago, on 8 May 1945, millions of people celebrated VE (Victory in Europe) Day. There was genuine enthusiasm that the Nazis were gone at last. But in North Africa things looked rather different.

South African activist rejects Blair’s neo-liberal agenda for Africa

30 April 2005
I hear that Trevor Manuel, South Africa’s finance minister, has appeared in the British press calling for people to vote Labour because of the party’s commitment to tackling world poverty.

Voices from Africa, Voices of Resistance — an inspiring day of debate on Africa

30 April 2005
Around 300 people gathered in Glasgow last Saturday for a conference on "Voices from Africa, Voices of Resistance".

Labour’s election pledges will be blocked by Blair’s alliances

16 April 2005
Challenging world poverty is the promise in Labour’s manifesto. "Put the Iraq war behind you and join us to help Africa," is their pitch. But Tony Blair’s ties to George Bush, his partner in crime in Iraq, destroy any hope of this.

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