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29 January 2005
THE PROBLEM of debt repayment is at its most acute in Africa where countries already blighted by war are also forced to spend billions repaying or simply servicing debt. This means that there is no investment in infrastructure, education or health. As a campaigner for refugees in Glasgow I have been working with the African community to stop deportations.

Why Gordon Brown’s plan for Africa is a fraud

22 January 2005
GORDON BROWN will have been delighted to have his photo taken next to a smiling Nelson Mandela last weekend. It was an important battle won against Tony Blair in the contest over who will be seen as the "saviour of Africa".

Free trade means rags for us, riches for them

15 January 2005
THIRD WORLD countries are often told that free trade will bring them prosperity. But in Mauritius—a small African island state just east of Madagascar—we know this claim is a myth.


15 January 2005
Highlights from Bookmarks children’s section include If the If the World were a Village by David J Smith (£6.99). It points out that if the world was a village of 100 people, nine would speak English, while 22 would speak a Chinese dialect, 13 people would be from Africa but only five would be from the US. It’s a large format picture book with facts and illustrations about the lives of people all over the world.

Do they care about Africa?

08 January 2005
THE BBC traditionally fills the time between Christmas and the new year with programmes reviewing the state of world politics. There was one on Radio Four on New Year’s Day by leading BBC journalists.

Help free Matthews Ndlovu

18 December 2004
MATTHEWS NDLOVU, a South African activist fighting against privatisation, has been sentenced to two years in jail for "malicious damage to property".

Africa abandoned on world AIDS day

04 December 2004
EVERY DAY 8,000 people die from AIDS. The United Nations AIDS programme has estimated that £20,000 million a year could treat six million AIDS sufferers with life saving drugs.

The black majority still live in poverty under the ANC

27 November 2004
THE SOUTH African government’s actions over the telecom industry have focused all the feeling about how only an elite has benefited in the post-apartheid economy.

Strikers fight over pay, pensions and tuition fees

30 October 2004
BUSINESS GROUND to a halt in Benin, West Africa, on Tuesday of last week as the country’s main trade unions began a three-day strike to demand higher pay for government employees.

Blair’s ‘solutions’ will increase Africa’s pain

16 October 2004
YOU CAN tell that this ESF is a really important event as there are hardly any mainstream journalists here.

Who can end the agony of Africa?

13 October 2004
TO HEAR British chancellor Gordon Brown and European leaders speak you would think that Africa’s debt crisis is almost over.

Britain joins the new ‘scramble for Africa’

13 October 2004
THE MAIN proposal to come out of Blair’s trip was not debt relief or money to combat famine and AIDS.

When Swansea mauled racism

09 October 2004
THIRTY FIVE years ago the people of Swansea took on the massed ranks of police protecting the all-white propaganda machine of the South African apartheid state, the Springbok rugby team.

The crisis nobody wants to talk about

02 October 2004
FIGURES WERE released last week detailing coming mass slaughter and social destruction in South Africa.

Music was his weapon

25 September 2004
THE GREAT African-American writer James Baldwin once wrote, "Artists are here to disturb."

Strike against the diamond empire

11 September 2004
DIAMOND MINE workers in Botswana, southern Africa, have been fighting a bitter battle over wages which has seen mass dismissals, forced evictions—and great solidarity.

Scum behind Equatorial Guinea coup plot

04 September 2004
THE MEN exposed as plotting a coup in Equatorial Guinea are the scum of the earth.

The West has bled Sudan dry

04 September 2004
Without understanding the role and impact of capitalism and superpower intervention in Africa, the responses evoked by horrors such as that unfolding in Darfur, western Sudan, will often be mistaken.

Jamaica's song of freedom

28 August 2004
FOR A small island in the Caribbean with a population of 2.6 million, Jamaica and its people have had a massive cultural impact on the wider world. For 300 years Jamaica was the jewel in the crown of the British colonies in the Caribbean, its riches based on the enslavement of Africans.

In Brief

17 July 2004
Racism in the jobs market PEOPLE WITH African or Muslim names are less likely to get a job interview, a new investigation has revealed.

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