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Palestinians join revolt against Assad after repression in camps

06 March 2012
Growing numbers of Palestinians in Syria are joining the revolution—despite harsh repression by the regime and its proxy militias.

Solidarity meeting pledges support for Syrian revolution

01 March 2012
A large meeting of British Muslims in London threw its weight behind the Syrian revolution last night (Wednesday). Over 400 mainly local people turned out for the meeting, which was hosted by London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel, east London.

Syrian leader lashes out at opposition

28 February 2012
The cornered Syrian regime is lashing out viciously against pressure at home and from abroad to step down.

Trade union protesters fill streets of Tunis

28 February 2012
Thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Tunisia’s capital Tunis on Saturday to protest against the government.

Yemen’s new boss is same as the old boss

28 February 2012
Last week saw the fraudulent election of Abd Rabbuh Mansur al-Hadi as president of Yemen.

Syria's uprising strenghtens anti-imperialism

28 February 2012
the Palestinian resistance organisation Hamas publically renounced the Syrian regime on Friday of last week. Its public break with its one time ally president Bashar al Assad sent an important message.

Mass protests in Syria defy regime

21 February 2012
International pressure is mounting against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

‘Homs is under siege, but we are determined’

14 February 2012
Civilian casualties mount in Syria as Bashar al-Assad’s forces try to smash the revolutionary movement there.

Syria’s Revolution

14 February 2012
For Western rulers Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad has gone from reformer to war criminal. At the same time his repression of protests against his regime is threatening to drive large numbers of Syrians into the arms of the West.

London protest pledges solidarity with Arab revolutions – and debates the way forward

11 February 2012
Around 1,000 people protested in London today in solidarity with the revolutions in the Arab world.

Who are the opposition forces in Syria?

07 February 2012
The opposition in Syria is made up of three broad formations.

How Syria's uprising began

07 February 2012
The movement in Syria started when people called for long‑promised reforms.

Syrians can bring down this regime

07 February 2012
The barrage of bombs on the Syrian city of Homs is a desperate attempt by Bashar al-Assad’s regime to crush a ten-month long uprising against him.

Syrian regime hits back as revolution spreads

04 February 2012
The revolution in Syria is moving closer to the centre of power in the country—and the regime is responding with brutality.

Arab League's Syria mission crisis

24 January 2012
A deadlock is developing in Syria as the Gulf Cooperation Council and Saudi Arabia withdrew their observers from the Arab League mission to the country.

Remaking history - understanding the revolutionary wave of 2011

24 January 2012
The Arab revolutions have shown an astonishing tenacity. They have overthrown some dictators and shaken others. Above all, they continue.

An uncertain future for Syria's revolution

17 January 2012
This week marks the tenth month since the start of the Syrian revolution. It is a great event in the Arab Spring and a cornerstone of many issues across the Middle East.

Syrian protests threaten Assad

03 January 2012
Anti-government protests in Syria have grown bigger than ever over the past week—and have spread to the capital Damascus and the country’s largest city Aleppo.

Downing Street welcome for Bahrain's brutal dictator

13 December 2011
David Cameron met King Hamad bin Essa Al Khalifa, the ruler of Bahrain, at Downing Street on Monday.

General strike in Syria intensifies the revolt

13 December 2011
The uprising in Syria took a dramatic turn on Sunday as workers held a general strike.

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