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Bradford's ace in the hole

Respect Party activists and others are occupying an abandoned construction site in Bradford to protest over it being left empty for a decade.

Sadness as east London councillors quit Respect

Two years ago 12 Respect councillors were elected in Tower Hamlets, east London, on the basis of opposition to war and privatisation, and support for council housing.

The Left List: Debating the election results

The national council elected at Respect’s annual conference last year met last weekend, joined by branch representatives from around the country. The main subject of discussion was the elections held earlier this month.

Radical vote squeezed at the ballot box

The closely fought mayoral contest between Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson dominated the London elections – and seriously hampered the Left List’s ability to make an impact.

Left vote squeezed by main parties

The left’s ability to make an impact in the London elections was hampered by the closely fought battle between Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone.

London Assembly results 2008

Barnet & Camden <table>

London Mayoral results 2008

02 May 2008

London Assembly list results 2008

02 May 2008

May 2008 election results for Left List

01 May 2008
Results for the Left List and candidates the Left List is supporting in the London mayoral, London Assembly elections and English and Welsh Council elections held on 1 May 2008

Vote to send a message to Gordon Brown on 1 May: 'stop attacks on working people'

29 April 2008
Crucial elections take place on Thursday of this week in London and across England and Wales.

The Left List’s ten steps to a better London

22 April 2008
1. Housing – An emergency council housing building programme.2. Transport – Decent and cheap public transport to encourage less car use. Cut fares and increase provision with new tube and rail lines.3. War – Bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. No attacks on civil liberties. Spend the money used for war on welfare.4. Education – Good schools for every child in every borough. No academies, no tuition fees for students.5. Health – No health rationing, stop hospital closures, no privatisation of doctors’ surgeries.6. Poverty –

Carole Vincent wins support in the east

22 April 2008
Carole Vincent is the Left List candidate in the Havering & Redbridge constituency in outer east London.

It’s principles, not prejudice, that wins support at the Stonewall London mayoral hustings

22 April 2008
All of the main candidates for London mayor went head to head at a 400-strong hustings organised by the Stonewall LGBT rights group last Saturday.

A voice for young people in Greenwich & Lewisham

15 April 2008
Jennifer Jones, a student at Goldsmiths College in south east London, is standing for the Left List in the Greenwich & Lewisham London assembly consituency.

Lindsey German stands up for civil rights in London

15 April 2008
Lindsey German, the Left List’s candidate for mayor of London, showed why her message is winning support when she debated other mayoral candidates at a No2ID hustings on Tuesday of last week.

Tapping into the anger outside London

15 April 2008
Respect members are standing Left List candidates in the local council elections across England and Wales on 1 May.

Campaign steps up a gear across the whole of London

15 April 2008
Hundreds of Left List supporters have been out campaigning across London as the election fight hots up. With just two weeks to go until the 1 May elections activists are doing everything possible to raise the campaign’s profile.

Left List TV election broadcast set to hit the small screen

15 April 2008
The Left List campaign for Lindsey German for London mayor is set to receive a major publicity boost.

‘We need a strong left voice on the London assembly’

15 April 2008
The Left List is mounting a major challenge to all the mainstream parties in the

Left List is at centre of Camden fight for change

01 April 2008
Across Camden, north London, there is a fight on for the future of the borough – and a mood for change.

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