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International roundup—Fear as Covid-19 spreads from India to Nepal

International roundup—Fear as Covid-19 spreads from India to Nepal India’s Covid-19 crisis is spreading across the border into neighbouring Nepal.

West leaves victims of South Asia floods to rot as homes are swept away in monsoon

West leaves victims of South Asia floods to rot as homes are swept away in monsoon Over 1,200 people are dead, millions displaced and a third of Bangladesh is under water after devastating floods hit parts of South Asia.

Anger in Nepal as global powers compete over aid

Anger in Nepal as global powers compete over aid Nepal is gripped by growing anger more than a week after the earthquake that has so far claimed more than 6,600 lives.

The poor bear the brunt of misery after Nepal's earthquake

The poor bear the brunt of misery after Nepals earthquake Tens of thousands of Nepalis who survived last week’s earthquake but lost their homes are now in desperate peril.

King removed from throne in Nepal

There were celebrations across Nepal last week as the Himalayan kingdom declared itself a republic, and gave the former king notice to quit his palace.

Maoist win creates a storm in Nepal

The victory of the Maoist communists in Nepal, who won almost half of the seats in last week’s constituent assembly elections and are now set to form a government, has rocked the country.

Movement brings change to Nepal

23 May 2006
The battle for a democratic republic in Nepal took a step forward last week.

Maoism and Marxism

20 May 2006
The political crisis in Nepal has focused the attention of the Western media on Maoism for the first time in decades. An avowedly Maoist organisation – the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) – has led an insurgency which holds most of the countryside and is within an ace of toppling the autocratic king.

Italy – can the party last?

13 May 2006
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Nepal: revolution at the crossroads

29 April 2006
The popular uprising in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal was celebrating a victory as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday of this week. The country had been paralysed for weeks by a general strike and popular movement against the hated and brutal regime of King Gyanendra.

Nepal: new forces join the struggle

22 April 2006
The indefinite general strike in Nepal demanding democracy and an end to rule by the king was entering its third week as Socialist Worker went to press.

Nepal: general strike continues despite repression

15 April 2006
Massive state repression has failed to break a general strike that began in Nepal on Thursday of last week. The strike is backed by all the main political parties, including the Maoist rebels who control much of the countryside.

Nepal’s deep crisis

04 March 2006
For several months towards the end of last year, the prolongation of a unilateral ceasefire declared by Nepal’s Maoist rebels was not reciprocated by the Royal Nepalese Army (RNA). But it meant that ordinary people were able to visit their families with less risk of being caught up in the conflict.

General strike for democracy brings Nepal to a standstill

04 February 2006
Pro-democracy activists burnt an effigy of the Nepalese King Gyanendra during protests that rocked the Himalayan kingdom last week.

General strike called in Nepal to demand ‘total democracy’

28 January 2006
Opposition political parties in Nepal have called a general strike, set for Thursday of this week, to protest against direct rule by King Gyanendra.

Political crisis deepens in Nepal

26 March 2005
On 1 February the king of Nepal declared a state of emergency. The country was cut off for several days from the outside world as the Royal Nepalese Army severed all telecommunications links.

A right royal coup in Nepal

12 February 2005
The decision of the king of Nepal to dismiss his prime minister, declare a state of emergency and take over all executive powers at the beginning of February shocked many Nepalis and external commentators alike.

Why I'm fighting for asylum rights

31 July 2004
THAM SARKI, an asylum seeker from Nepal, is to appear before an immigration appeal tribunal on Tuesday 3 August at 10am at Taylor House, 88 Rosebery Avenue, London EC1 (Angel tube).

Activists win refugee reprieve

05 July 2003
PRESSURE FROM local campaigners in Lewisham, South London, has won Tham Sarki, an asylum seeker from wartorn Nepal, a temporary reprieve from deportation. Over 750 letters were written to David Blunkett in support of the Lewisham College student.


25 January 2003
FRIENDS AND campaigners were angered by the news that SWP member Tham Sarki was detained on Friday 17 January and is facing deportation. Tham is an asylum seeker from Nepal and is currently studying at Lewisham College in south London.

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