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European Defence League launch planned

12 October 2010
Racist Dutch politician Geert Wilders is launching a European Defence League in Amsterdam on Saturday 30 October.

Disillusion and despair feed far right in Dutch election

15 June 2010
Results of the Dutch election reveal a fragmented political landscape—and a victory for the right.

Far right gain ground in Dutch elections

09 March 2010
Local election results in the Netherlands are a serious warning to the left.

Icelanders vote against compensation

09 March 2010
Voters in Iceland have overwhelmingly rejected the terms of a deal to compensate British and Dutch banking customers for their losses after the bank Icesave collapsed in 2008.

Anger over Afghan war topples Dutch government

23 February 2010
The Dutch government collapsed last weekend as the Afghan war claimed yet another victim.

Indonesia: the ravages of colonialism

18 August 2009
Celebrations are under way this week in Indonesia. The country is looking back on 64 years since founding president Sukarno and vice-president Mohammed Hatta proclaimed independence from the Netherlands.

The racist truth about Dutch film maker Geert Wilders

13 February 2009
The banning of Dutch film maker Geert Wilders from Britain has led to renewed arguments about free speech. Last year Maina van der Zwan from Socialist Worker's Dutch sister organisation examined his Islamophobic film, Fitna, describing it as, "a disgusting piece of racist propaganda which resembles Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew), a film Nazis used in 1940 to 'expose' the Jews of Europe".

Geert Wilders' Fitna: Islamophobia on film

08 April 2008
The far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders made international headlines last week with the release of his anti-Muslim film Fitna.

Climate chaos and the global south

05 February 2008
It was announced last year that China had overtaken the US as the world’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide. The statistics, which the Netherlands Environmental Assessment admitted there was "some uncertainty about", nevertheless reinforced the idea that economic growth in poorer countries is the real driver of climate change.

Don’t be fooled by EU ‘reform treaty’

04 September 2007
One of the few genuinely democratic moments of the past few years came in May and June 2005, when the European Constitution was thrown out by referendums in France and the Netherlands.

West, not China, is the main polluter

26 June 2007
"China overtakes the US in carbon dioxide emissions," ran the headlines last week after a Dutch environmental agency released a report placing China as the world’s number one producer of greenhouse gases.

Socialists gain in the Dutch elections

02 December 2006
The elections of 23 November resulted in a historic breakthrough for the Socialist Party (SP). For the first time, parties to the left of Labour received a combined vote higher than Labour itself. The SP is now the third biggest party in parliament. All the ruling parties have lost seats and none of their planned coalitions will be able to form a majority government.

Schiphol disaster

05 November 2005
Eleven detained refugees were killed in a fire at the Schiphol airport prison last week. The deaths were a direct result of racist anti-immigrant policies and negligence of safety regulations. The Dutch government is to blame.

European votes reveal the alternative

11 June 2005
The coverage by the so-called quality press of the referendums on the European constitution in France and the Netherlands has been a complete disgrace.

How the British left can take up Europe

11 June 2005
The no votes in the French and Dutch referendums on the European Constitutional Treaty have sent shockwaves through mainstream parties across the European Union (EU). France’s ruling conservative coalition and the centre left Socialist Party are in turmoil following the result.

Netherlands vote shows deep resentment against neo-liberal project

11 June 2005
The Dutch no vote to the EU constitution was a blow for the right wing government and a victory for the left.

A new unity forged on the Dutch streets

09 October 2004
ONE OF the largest demonstrations in Dutch history took place last Saturday as 300,000 people, mainly trade unionists, marched against attacks on pensions and workers’ rights.

Dutch protests over plans to deport refugees

28 February 2004
THE RIGHT wing Dutch government plans to deport 26,000 refugees during the next three years. The move is opposed by a majority of people in the Netherlands. A poll showed over 80 percent of people support allowing more refugees to stay. Protests against the government's plan began in the north of the Netherlands, organised by the group Van Harte Pardon (Wholeheartedly Pardon).

Rembrandt and revolution: Revolt that shaped a new kind of art

14 February 2004
THE NEW film Girl With A Pearl Earring about the Dutch artist Vermeer has provoked interest in the life and society of the great Dutch painters. JOHN MOLYNEUX looks at the reasons why Dutch society produced a flowering of great art in the 17th century.

Facing job destroyers

22 March 2003
STEEL WORKERS at Corus plants across Britain were waiting anxiously at the start of this week to find out if their jobs were for the chop. The Anglo-Dutch company Corus had told its workforce that up to 4,000 jobs would go as part of a "restructuring package" to boost profits.

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