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Nigerian elections extended

31 March 2015
The votes in Nigeria’s presidential election were still being counted as Socialist Worker went to press.

Bloodbath in Nigeria shows up state’s hypocrisy and lies

20 January 2015
Charity Amnesty International described the recent bloodbath in Baga, Nigeria, as Islamist group Boko Haram’s “deadliest massacre”. Some 2,000 people were killed. 

International round-up

16 December 2014
Hong Kong police clear last camps | Palestinian minister killed | Numsa union to challenge ANC | Nigerian oil workers walk out

International news round-up

21 October 2014
Nigeria; Catalonia; Russia

4,000 die in Nigerian military custody

19 August 2014
Up to 4,000 people have died in Nigerian military custody since  2012, human rights investigators believe.

International round-up

29 July 2014
Nigeria kills five at Gaza demo | Fresh clashes in eastern Ukraine | Libya descends further in chaos

Boko Haram gets a helping hand from desperate elites in Nigeria

10 June 2014
Politicians, bosses and generals are arming and funding the very insurgency that grew out of anger at their rule, reports Baba Aye

International round-up

20 May 2014
Egypt Dedak campaign | Boko Haram and Nigeria | Abu Wa’el Dhiab in Guantanamo

Poverty in Nigeria fuels Boko Haram—and force will not stop it

13 May 2014
Baba Aye of the Socialist Workers League in Nigeria explains the roots of the Islamist group Boko Haram and says military action against it is bound to fail

Boko Haram's plan to sell kidnapped school students in Nigeria creates crisis for government

06 May 2014
The abduction of over 200 school students by Islamist group Boko Haram has created a crisis for Nigeria’s government.

Nigerian military kills hundreds in 'war on terror'

22 October 2013
The Nigerian military has killed over 950 people in custody this year as part of its “war on terror” against Islamist group Boko Haram.

Defend Nigeria's socialist editor

15 January 2013
Socialists in Nigeria are taking action to defend Socialist Worker editor Femi Aborisade, whose house was attacked twice. The first time, on 22 November, he suffered machete wounds.

Socialist editor attacked in Nigeria

12 January 2013
Femi Aborisade, the editor of Socialist Worker in Nigeria, has been attacked in his house.

‘Special forces’ botched rescue

13 March 2012
The British government sent in an elite army force to rescue two hostages in Nigeria last week. The raid ended with the two hostages dead.

Ethnic division in Nigeria can be overcome by spirit of solidarity shown during strikes

24 January 2012
The West African state of Nigeria was shaken by a series of bomb explosions on Friday of last week.

Petrol protests win partial victory in Nigeria

17 January 2012
Labour leaders in Nigeria called off a general strike on Monday of this week after the government agreed to partly reintroduce petrol subsidies.

Millions protest as indefinite strike shakes streets of Nigeria

10 January 2012
Nigeria arose on Monday as its workers began an indefinite general strike.

Nigerians in London protest against fuel price hike

06 January 2012
Several hundred Nigerians joined a noisy protest outside the Nigerian High Commission in central London on Thursday afternoon. They were angry that the West African country's President, Goodluck Jonathan, says he will abolish the subsidy on fuel prices. The government says everyone must tighten their belts—but only the poor rely on the subsidy to make costs of cooking and transport bearable. Many ordinary Nigerians say the subsidy is the only benefit they have had from the country's oil wealth.

Fela Kuti musical celebrates Africa’s radical history

23 November 2010
The hit Broadway musical about Nigerian musical legend and political radical Fela Kuti has just opened in London.

Blood and oil: the true price of profits in Nigeria

23 March 2010
In many ways it’s surprising that there has not already been a BBC drama called Blood and Oil. There’s hardly a lack of source material.

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