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Fianna Fail wins Irish election | General strike rocks Nigeria | Anger in South Africa over pay

29 May 2007
Fianna Fail wins Irish election A general election in Southern Ireland last week saw the ruling Fianna Fail party hold onto power – just.

Femi Kuti interview: ‘We are not independent if Africa is still begging’

10 March 2007
Nigerian musician Femi Kuti was recently in Britain as part of the third African Soul Rebels tour.

Angela Davis on Ken Saro-Wiwa

16 December 2006
The legendary US radical Angela Davis spoke recently at a commemorative meeting for author and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa. He was executed in 1995 in Nigeria, after campaigning against the exploitation of Nigeria’s Ogoni areas by Shell Oil and other multinationals.

Frank Ogboru - another death in police custody

07 October 2006
A Nigerian man died last week after being restrained by several police officers in south east London.

The World Cup and the collectivist principle

17 June 2006
Early doors, during one of Nigeria’s games in the 1994 World Cup, ITV commentator Ron Atkinson mentioned an "iguana" a number of times. Unable to spot the lizard on the lush green turf, I realised Atkinson was referring to the "Supereagles" defender Eguavoen. This was not the last time his mouth would let him down.

Pa Michael Imoudu

20 August 2005
It is with great sadness but with gratitude for a long life well spent in the struggle for human emancipation and liberation in Africa, that we have learned of the death of Nigeria’s greatest labour leader. Pa Michael Imoudu died at his home in Edo State on 22 July, aged 102.

Anger at IMF and World Bank

03 July 2005
Many African activists were on the Edinburgh protest. Ken is a student at Imperial College in London, but he grew up in Nigeria where he was involved in struggles against the military dictatorship.

‘Oil giant Shell has brought Nigeria nothing but suffering’

12 February 2005
WHEN I hear of Shell’s profits I remember the suffering of the Nigerian people and of people throughout the world whose economies are enslaved to the oil companies. In Nigeria it is the Ogoni people, whose plight was championed by writer and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, who have been hit most. But there are many other similar communities in our country.


06 November 2004
NIGERIA’S MAIN trade union body is planning a second general strike to protest at fuel price rises—and this time it will target oil production.

Secret police ‘invited’ me in for interrogation

23 October 2004
FROM 11 to 14 October the Nigerian working class showed its potential to lead the rest of the oppressed and exploited in the fight to win a better world.

Prices fuel strike

11 October 2003
MILLIONS OF workers in Nigeria were due to begin a general strike on Thursday this week.

Human guinea pigs are fighting back

28 June 2003
FAMILIES FROM Nigeria are trying to take drugs giant Pfizer to court for using their children in botched drug trials seven years ago. Last week the 20 families were fighting to have their claim for compensation heard in a New York court.

Nigerian riots caused by social timebombs

07 December 2002
THREE DAYS of rage. Three days of hatred based on religious and ethnic differentiation. Three days of barbarism. That is all capitalism can offer the oil-rich and populous country of Nigeria, the world's sixth largest oil producer.

Femi Kuti - Fight to Win

23 March 2002
The latest album by Nigerian musician Femi Kuti and his band Positive Force has it all-politically and musically. The title track is a rallying cry all socialists will applaud. "Fight To Win" addresses the endless suffering of the African masses, and Femi sees the struggles of the people as a positive action.

Land and freedom?

15 September 2001
SURPRISE AND, at least initially, euphoria greeted the agreement on Zimbabwe's future that was struck last week in Abuja, Nigeria. President Robert Mugabe's government quite unexpectedly agreed that it would stop illegal seizures of white-owned land.

Nigeria: Protests planned as bankers visit Africa

17 February 2001
When the leaders of the IMF and World Bank arrive in Nigeria, West Africa, next Wednesday they might find up to two million protesters on the streets across the country. One of the biggest demonstrations will be against job losses and workers being forced to pay for the country's crisis. Nigeria is in turmoil.

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