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North Korea

Trump ramps up tensions in Asia

06 August 2017
Warmonger in chief Donald Trump is ramping up tensions in Asia with fresh sanctions against the North Korean dictatorship.

Donald Trump’s row with North Korea could prove deadly

18 April 2017
Warmongering US president Donald Trump is ramping up tensions across the world to assert the US’s global dominance.

China crisis - could island strife lead to world war?

26 July 2016
A recent dispute over islands in the South China Sea is a sign of how imperialist tensions between the US and China could set the region ablaze, writes Dave Sewell

Waiting for peace in Korea

23 April 2013
North Korea is demonised as a pariah state. Sadie Robinson argues that its fear of attack is not so irrational if you know its history

‘Don’t support US aggressive gamble against North Korea’

23 April 2013
Tensions around Korea are making many people nervous. Some are reminded of the Cuban missile crisis. 

US rhetoric and sanctions ramp up dangerous tension with North Korea

05 April 2013
North Korea recently issued a “No.1 combat readiness alert” announcing that the “North and South are at war”. Leader Kim Jong-un also put his strategic missile units on standby for launch.

Chung Kuo China - Antonioni classic takes a look at hidden side of a vanished world

20 March 2012
It may be hard to imagine now, but in the early 1970s China was as closed off from the rest of the world as North Korea is today.

Support North Korea’s workers, not fake socialism or international diplomacy

03 January 2012
North Korea’s future is shrouded in uncertainty. Chairman Kim Jong-il died in December after 17 years of dictatorial rule.

'Good' and 'bad' public weeping

03 January 2012
The British media sneered at public outpourings of grief in North Korea when Kim Jong-il died.

Imperial tensions push Korea to brink

01 June 2010
On the night of 26 March, the South Korean navy ship Cheonan split in half and sank while patrolling not far from the North Korean coast. Forty six sailors died.

West's hypocrisy over North Korea's nuclear weapons

26 May 2009
The West has condemned the recent test firing of a nuclear warhead by North Korea, warning of "tough measures" against the state.

North Korea: a divided history

16 October 2007
George Bush’s attitude toward the poverty-stricken East Asian country of North Korea demonstrates the contradictory stance of the US government.

Statement on the North Korean Nuclear Test

21 October 2006
On October 9, North Korea announced that it had just conducted a nuclear test. The test came just six days after an official statement by the Foreign Ministry that North Korea would proceed with such a test. Experts had warned unequivocally that the North Korean government in Pyongyang wasn't simply bluffing this time. But the US administration, by ignoring such warnings and responding with the usual blackmail, practically asked for this to happen.

US hypocrisy over North Korean nuclear test

14 October 2006
George Bush reacted to North Korea’s first nuclear test by calling for "an immediate response from the United Nations security council". The tests, he said, were "unacceptable".

Korean bomb: the nightmare created by Bush

14 October 2006
North Korea’s decision to conduct a nuclear weapons test on Monday of this week drew condemnation from all the world’s major powers. Across the globe people rightly fear a nuclear conflagration.

On the web: the West and nukes

14 October 2006
Truthout "Washington’s eagerness to use military might has fueled the dangers of a nuclear weapons standoff with North Korea. Two of the sacred axioms of the Bush regime - secrecy and violence - cannot solve this problem and in fact can only make it worse. Einstein was correct - with nuclear weapons, ‘there is no secret and there is no defence’."


04 December 2004
Inventing the Axis of Evil (New Press, £15.95) is a series of essays by Bruce Cumings, Ervand Abrahamain and Moshe Ma’oz on "the truth about North Korea, Iran and Syria".

'War on terror' sees new victims lined up

14 June 2003
THE neo-conservative warmongers in the White House have taken critical steps towards attacking more countries even as occupation brings further suffering to the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan. The two states next on George Bush's "axis of evil" list are Iran and North Korea.

What Bush wants

15 February 2003
WHY DO George Bush and Tony Blair want to attack Iraq? Colin Powell gave the official answer to the United Nations last week - Saddam Hussein either has, or plans to develop, weapons of mass destruction. Few really believe this, although Tony Blair certainly says he does. A couple of weeks ago he also suggested taking on North Korea once Saddam Hussein had been "dealt with"!

US faces backlash over threat of war

11 January 2003
THE US has been caught out banging the war drum over North Korea. That threat has provoked such a strong public reaction that the governments of South Korea and Japan, both US allies, have distanced themselves from George Bush. The division of the Korean peninsula into two states is a relic of the Cold War. The US backed the South, while China and Russia at different times supported the North.

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