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More revolts in Latin American countries

More revolts in Latin American countries Strikes in Peru and Colombia have marked the spread of revolt

Uproar in Peru after dictator Alberto Fujimori pardoned

Uproar in Peru after dictator Alberto Fujimori pardoned Thousands of people are raging through the streets of Peru's capital, Lima

The state gets vicious When Two Worlds Collide in Peru

The state gets vicious When Two Worlds Collide in Peru Alberto Pizango and 51 others have been on trial for the last two years in Peru charged with rebellion, sedition, murder and conspiracy against the state.

Peru's new president won't fight for workers unless pushed

The election of Ollanta Humala as president of Peru expresses a widespread rejection of neoliberalism.

Election in Peru: is Ollanta Humala a new Hugo Chávez?

Peru’s presidential election this week could be a critical moment in the battle against neoliberalism across Latin America.

Film: Undertow

This is a beautiful evocation of Peru. Two men, Miguel and Santiago, are having a secret affair in a small fishing village.

Peru: Hundreds dead in attacks

16 June 2009
According to Peruvian president Alan García, the Amazonian peoples "are not first class citizens".

Radiokijada - Peru’s hidden music from tea chests and jawbones

14 April 2009
Rodolfo Muñoz Ramirez is a percussionist from Lima, Peru, and Christoph Müller is an Austrian musician most famous for his work with The Gotan Project.

Protests in Peru rock government

16 July 2008
Thousands of people took to the streets in Peru last week in a series of strikes and demonstrations against the free market policies of president Alan Garcia.

Peruvians vote for a change of direction

15 April 2006
When Washington looks at Latin America these days, the alarm bells must be ringing. In Bolivia, a vibrant mass movement brought Evo Morales to the presidency in December.

International round-up

01 October 2005
Peru Peru’s government, led by president Alejandro Toledo, is facing a rising tide of strikes.

Mass action rocks the man from the IMF

14 June 2003
MASS STRIKES and protests rocked the South American country of Peru as anger exploded against the government's International Monetary Fund (IMF) backed policies. Hundreds of thousands of teachers have been on strike for four weeks demanding higher wages. They have been joined on strike and in demonstrations by students, small-scale farmers, health workers and others.

Around the world

29 June 2002
PERU The government has been forced to halt its sell-off of the state electricity companies after last week's near-uprisings in the southern Peruvian cities of Arequipa and Tacna. This was the most violent confrontation in Arequipa since a rising against a military dictator in the 1950s.

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