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Warsaw 44 – An uprising betrayed

Warsaw 44 – An uprising betrayed Tens of thousands of people in Warsaw rose up against Nazi rule 75 years ago this month. The heroic action was abandoned by the Allies writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Amazon staff stage strikes in protest at pay and conditions

Amazon staff stage strikes in protest at pay and conditions Groups of Amazon workers across the world struck on Monday in protest at pay and conditions.

Polish school workers’ leaders retreat

Polish school workers’ leaders retreat A historic strike of teachers and other school and nursery workers has been unnecessarily ended by the leaders of the Polish Teachers’ Union (ZNP), the biggest union involved.

Schools out in Poland as 600,000 join strikes

Schools out in Poland as 600,000 join strikes Poland has been struck by the biggest all-out walkout in over 25 years, reports Andy Zebrowski

Biggest strike for decades rocks Poland’s government

Biggest strike for decades rocks Poland’s government Unions estimate that over 600,000 workers are taking part in an indefinite education strike - not just teachers, butcooks, cleaners, caretakers and office staff as well.

Poland’s right wing government boosts fascist march

Poland’s right wing government boosts fascist march A 200,000-strong march in the capital Warsaw was jointly organised by Poland’s fascist organisations and the highest state officials to mark the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence.

Marching to stem rise of fascism in Poland

13 February 2018
A new law has been passed in Poland which could mean three years in prison for anyone who suggests Polish people committed war crimes during the Second World War.

Polish anti-fascists make brave stand against mass march

13 November 2017
A tens of thousands-strong fascist-led march took place in Warsaw on Polish Independence Day last Saturday. At the same time anti-fascists organised a thousands-strong counter demonstration. 

Polish anti-fascists plan counter demo against mass march in Warsaw

10 November 2017
Poland’s Independence Day this Saturday will be marked by one of the biggest demonstrations led fascists in Europe. The “Independence March”, held annually in the capital Warsaw, has attracted tens of thousands in recent years.

Victory for abortion rights movement shows how Polish society is changing

11 October 2016
A wave of mass protests in Poland has smashed a proposed total ban on abortions in a humiliating defeat for the right wing government.

Fight for abortion rights explodes onto Poland's streets

03 October 2016
The fight for abortion rights in Poland has exploded onto the streets. 

Hundreds protest against Poland’s abortion ban plan

12 April 2016
Around 300 people rallied outside the Polish Embassy in London last Saturday against a proposed law that would ban abortion.

Mass march of fascists in Warsaw

17 November 2015
Around 40,000 fascists and their extreme nationalist supporters marched in Warsaw on Wednesday of last week—Polish Independence Day.

International round-up

27 October 2015
Bigots top in Poland election, close run in Argentina, deal blames Palestinians

Revolutions of 1989: 'there was lots of shock and not much therapy'

04 November 2014
Socialist Worker spoke to Jane Hardy, a socialist activist and writer specialising in global political economy. Her book, Poland’s New Capitalism (2009) was translated into Polish and has been read by the new left there.

Good times are over for the liberal government in Poland

01 October 2013
Andy Zebrowski says workers’ opposition to austerity is growing in strength as the economic crisis puts rulers in trouble

200,000 join unprecedented march in Poland

17 September 2013
Up to 200,000 trade unionists marched in Warsaw  last Saturday against the government’s austerity polices.

Holocaust survivor Esther Brunstein speaks out… ‘I have a mission to bear witness’

07 February 2012
Esther Brunstein, a Holocaust survivor and anti-fascist campaigner who died in January 2017, talked to John Rose and Jan Ladzinski in 2012 about her earliest memories

Poland 1989: Promises that weren’t kept

03 November 2009
Two big promises were made in 1989. First, that Poland would be a democratic society. And second that living standards for the mass of people would match those in the West.

Outbreak of the Second World War: Who were the ‘guilty men’?

01 September 2009
Prime minister Neville Chamberlain broadcast that Britain was in a state of war with Germany at 11.12am on 3 September 1939. The Second World War had begun two days earlier when the German dictator, Adolf Hitler, invaded Poland.

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