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Foto: Modernity in Central Europe, 1918-1945

10 June 2008
Between the two world wars there was a massive expansion of interest in photography across central European countries including Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Hungary.

Unity across nations with Polish workers

05 February 2008
Socialist Worker ran the headline "Teach Yourself Polish" over two decades ago. It was urging workers in Britain to follow the example of Solidarnosc, the mass trade union which so valiantly challenged the then Stalinist regime.

A new left for eastern Europe

05 February 2008
In 1989 one party regimes crumbled in six countries in Eastern Europe. Within a few weeks there were massive political changes in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania. The Eastern Bloc, which the Soviet Union had dominated, was finished.

Polish nurses and miners: Voices of struggle

05 February 2008
Miner Krzysztof Labadz ‘At midnight on Thursday of last week we finished our strike and occupation of the Budryk mine. This lasted 46 days, with 25 days of underground occupation.

Moving from reform to workers’ revolution

05 February 2008
Rosa Luxemburg was a unique thinker and fighter. She was born in Russian-occupied Poland in 1871. When she was 16 she joined a revolutionary party and within a few years was one of its leaders.

Miners’ in Poland win strike over pay

08 January 2008
Polish miners have won a major victory after only one day of strike action.

Europe fights against war

04 December 2007
Delegates from Greece, Italy and Poland all reported that their governments were responding to the anti‑war movement with authoritarian measures.

Protest in Bourneville over planned Cadbury closures

04 December 2007
Some 50 workers from the Cadbury plant in Keynsham, Somerset, travelled to the Bourneville plant in Birmingham on Monday. They protested at plans to close the plant and move the work to Poland. Some 200 jobs are also threatened at Bourneville.

Polish voters turn against right wing party

23 October 2007
Donald Tusk's neoliberal Civic Platform won the Polish parliamentary elections last Sunday comprehensively defeating the right-wing populist Law and Justice party of prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski – whose twin brother is the country's president.

Manufacturing Matters lobby of parliament

23 October 2007
Cadbury workers joined a Unite union "Manufacturing Matters" lobby of parliament on Wednesday of last week against plans to move their work to Poland. The Polish union Solidarity backs their campaign. Marek Wytrykowski, from a Cadbury factory in Warsaw, said, "We support the campaign against Cadbury taking part in a race to the bottom for cheap labour. We are not happy to take work from Britain and we send our best wishes."

On Brick Lane: tracing East End history

04 September 2007
Rachel Lichtenstein’s grandparents were Polish Jewish refugees who lived on Brick Lane in London’s East End before the Second World War.

Class unity wins over agency workers in Watford

31 July 2007
Picketing post workers in Watford scored a major goal against their management and in favour of working class unity on Wednesday last week when they convinced a coach load of Polish agency workers not to break their strike.

Nurses' protest camp shakes Poland’s government

26 June 2007
Polish health workers are involved in a major battle against the right wing government. They are demanding pay rises.

Anti-Bush demos in Italy and Poland

12 June 2007
Rome takes on Bush

Polish construction workers walkout at Kings Cross

05 June 2007
Forty mostly Polish construction workers at a Metronet site at King's Cross Station in London walked off the job on Friday 25 May in a dispute over late payments.

Unite wins groundbreaking victory for agency workers

21 May 2007
A group of Polish workers in the food processing industry have won an important victory at an employment rights tribunal, which said they should be considered employees rather than self-employed. The workers are members of the T&G section of the recently merged Unite union which originally brought the case in 2005.

T&G union Polish workers' meeting in Glasgow

14 October 2006
The T&G union held a Polish language meeting in Glasgow for the first time last Sunday.

Reports round-up

02 September 2006
Tesco sacks a Polish union rep A T&G union shop steward has been sacked at a Tesco distribution warehouse in Middleton in north west England.

Polish migrants can organise

02 September 2006
‘I came to Britain in 2000, before Poland joined the European Union (EU). So I had to wait six months before I could get the right papers and was allowed to work.

Polish migrants and unemployment

26 August 2006
No one knows how many people from the new central and eastern member states of the European Union (EU) have moved to Britain since they joined in May 2004. Estimates vary between 300,000 and 500,000, mainly Polish workers. Certainly in London, they seem to have fitted in very quickly.

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