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Polish migrants and unemployment

26 August 2006
No one knows how many people from the new central and eastern member states of the European Union (EU) have moved to Britain since they joined in May 2004. Estimates vary between 300,000 and 500,000, mainly Polish workers. Certainly in London, they seem to have fitted in very quickly.

Polish strawberry pickers strike in Hertfordshire

22 July 2006
Some 500 Polish migrant workers protested against exploitation outside the S&A strawberry farm in Leominster, Herefordshire, on Monday of this week. The protest was organised by the T&G union.

Poland 1956: The Poznan uprising

01 July 2006
The Poznan uprising of June 1956 sparked a mass movement in Poland and set in train the events leading towards the revolution in Hungary later in the year.

Airport workers

19 November 2005
Ground staff at London Luton airport are set to be asked whether they would support moves for strike action after the T&G union discovered what it says is the exploitation of Polish workers.

Bus drivers: ‘Bosses treat us all the same — badly’

29 October 2005
A bus drivers’ strike in north Staffordshire and south Cheshire has shown how unity can be forged between British-born and Polish workers.

Majer Bogdanski 1912–2005

01 October 2005
Majer Bogdanski was born in Piotrkow-Tribunalski in Poland on 4 July 1912 and died in London on 4 September 2005. He was a member of the Bund, a Jewish socialist organisation which saw the future for Jews as being in the countries where they had been living for centuries.

Warsaw gay and lesbian Equality Parade

25 June 2005
Polish demonstrators on the recent Equality Parade in Warsaw for gay and lesbian rights. The march went ahead despite attempts to ban it. The 10,000-strong march is a sign of increasing confidence

More corrupt than Saddam era

29 January 2005
EARLIER THIS month $300 million was taken out of the Iraq Central Bank in cash, and secretly flown to Beirut, Lebanon, in a chartered jet. The defence minister in Iraq’s interim government, Hazim al-Shalaan, authorised this withdrawal.Talking from Beirut, an aide to al-Shalaan explained the money was needed to buy arms from Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and the US and that it was approved by prime minister Iyad Allawi.

In brief

22 January 2005
Youth jail’s history of abuse AN INQUIRY into the racist murder of Zahid Mubarek at Feltham Young Offenders Institution has revealed more abuse at the youth jail. The inquiry heard how warders handcuffed a prisoner, believed to be a foreign national, to his cell bars, pulled down his trousers and smeared black boot polish onto his buttocks.

Ukraine’s Brutal History

04 December 2004
Ukraine means "borderland". It suggests a country far away from the heart of Europe. But many Ukrainians believe they live in the middle of Europe—and they have a point. The Ukraine may have a huge border with Russia, but it also touches Belarus, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Romania, as well as Moldova.

Who says?

30 October 2004
"One is too polished. The other one, I think, to be honest, I don’t know how he ever got to be president." Kimberly Parmer, an undecided voter in Michigan, US

Anti-Nazi fighters who were left to fight alone

14 August 2004
The Second World War was even more barbaric than the First. If one country felt that barbarity more than any other, it was Poland.

Rote Fahne: the Red Flag of the German revolution

25 October 2003
In your area there may well be a longstanding Socialist Worker reader who has a video of the marvellous film about the Polish/German revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg. If so, borrow it. Among other outstanding scenes is one where Rosa Luxemburg's friends implore her to leave Berlin as the forerunners of the Nazi stormtroopers hunt her down.

Battle against sackings

04 October 2003
MINERS BLOCKADED main roads and railway lines in Silesia in Poland last week in a battle against unemployment. They were joined by railway workers who themselves are facing privatisation and mass sackings. Unfortunately the blockades lasted only three hours and involved only 3,000 protesters.

A tradition of true democracy

22 March 2003
MANY YEARS ago when the benefits of parliamentary democracy were shared by very few of the world's population, the Russian revolutionary Lenin pointed to a fundamental problem. He argued that "hidden beneath the polished exterior of modern democracy are deceit, violence, corruption, mendacity, hypocrisy and oppression of the poor". Tony Blair's New Labour has managed to illustrate each one of them in six short years. One measure of the outcome is the declining number of people who vote in elections.

Voices from the world's biggest global anti-war protest

22 February 2003
Turkey | Luxembourg | Ireland | Australia | Austria | Czech Republic | Malaysia | New Zealand | Switzerland | Malta | Poland | Cyprus | Norway | Germany

Darkest hour in human history

18 December 1999
THE DEFEAT of the anti-fascist movements had the most horrendous consequences. With the Second World War came the horror of the Holocaust. Some of the great technological advances of the century were turned into instruments of slaughter. Tens of millions of people faced occupation under Nazi rule. That meant repression, hardship and death. In Poland over five and a half million people were killed-some 16 percent of the population. Across Europe, Jews were herded into ghettos from 1939, and from 1942 they were exported to the death camps. In all, the Nazis killed six million Jews.

Socialism or barbarism

18 December 1999
THE 1980s were characterised by the dominance of Thatcher and Reagan, rabid supporters of the market. Workers were hit by recessions and a ruling class eager to ram through attacks on union organisation. There were important struggles in the 1980s-in Poland the Solidarity movement sparked a wave of protests in Eastern Europe that shook the regimes to the core.

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