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‘Left’ government in Portugal uses troops to break indefinite strike by fuel tanker drivers

‘Left’ government in Portugal uses troops to break indefinite strike by fuel tanker drivers The Portuguese government – which some hail as a model of left wing success – has sent soldiers to drive tankers to break an indefinite strike.

Workers across Europe strike back against austerity

Workers across Europe strike back against austerity The economic and social policies pushed by the European Union (EU) are often described as a haven from inequality and crisis.

Striking teachers defy the law in the US

Striking teachers defy the law in the US Around 20,000 teachers and school workers in all 55 districts of the US state of West Virginia struck on Thursday and Friday of last week over pay and healthcare costs

Can Portugal's government give us hope?

Can Portugals government give us hope? What do the experiences of other left wing governments tell us about the possibilities for a future Jeremy Corbyn Labour government?

Portugal’s left coalition wants cuts compromise

Portugal’s left coalition wants cuts compromise Left wing parties were expected to form a government in Portugal this week. A vote of no confidence on Tuesday of last week brought down the shortest-lived government since Portugal’s revolution, lasting just 11 days.

Portuguese left pledges to topple government

Portugal’s president Anibal Cavaco Silva appointed right wing incumbent Pedro Passos Coelho as prime minister of a new minority government on Friday of last week.

Portuguese right loses its majority in election

06 October 2015
Portugal’s right wing government lost its majority in parliament to parties of the left in a general election last Sunday. 

40 years since Portugal's 'Carnation Revolution'

22 April 2014
40 years after the Carnation Revolution, Sadie Robinson looks at a struggle that put workers’ power on the agenda

Cuts create a crisis for rulers in Greece and Portugal

09 July 2013
European rulers continue to target the poor as they try to escape the eurozone crisis, writes Dave Sewell

Portugual's workers set for general strike

25 June 2013
A general strike against austerity looked set to shut down Portugal on Thursday of this week.

European Union extends its austerity deadline to defuse fury

04 June 2013

Europe rocked by general strikes in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece

14 November 2012
Workers walked out today in general strikes across Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece as well as parts of Belgium.

General strike bites in cities across Spain and Portugal

14 November 2012
The general strike against austerity began in Spain and Portugal in the middle of last night, with picket lines at bin, bus and post depots.

Protests and strikes across Europe can beat austerity

13 November 2012
Workers in Spain and Portugal planned to walk out in their first ever joint general strike on Wednesday of this week.

14 November will be a day of strikes across southern Europe

30 October 2012
Millions of workers in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece are set to walk out together in less than two weeks time, in an unprecedented general strike across southern Europe.

The debt crisis spreads from Greece across Europe

02 October 2012
France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and—last but not least—Spain. A storm of anti-austerity protest has been sweeping through Europe.

Protest victory in Portugal

25 September 2012
Mass protests have forced Portugal’s prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho to abandon an attack on workers’ wages.

Anti-austerity marchers take to the streets in Spain and Portugal

15 September 2012
There were massive demonstrations against austerity in Spain and Portugal today (Saturday).

Huge strike hits Portugal as eurozone misery spreads

27 March 2012
Portugal’s transport system was paralysed by a public sector general strike on Thursday of last week. Workers were taking action against labour reforms and austerity measures imposed by the country’s creditors.

Portugal: mass protests against IMF

14 February 2012
More than 300,000 demonstrators took to the streets in Portugal last Saturday to take part in the country’s biggest mass protest for decades.

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