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In Qatar, Yemen and Gaza, power play of Saudis and Iran brings new danger

In Qatar, Yemen and Gaza, power play of Saudis and Iran brings new danger An economic blockade led by US ally Saudi Arabia backfired spectacularly as Qatar announced it had reopened full diplomatic ties with Iran last week.

Qatar crisis exposes dangerous tensions

Qatar crisis exposes dangerous tensions A campaign of sanctions and threats against Gulf state Qatar showed up tensions among competing Middle Eastern powers—and confusion among the US ruling class.

Middle Eastern states manoevure in regional power play

Middle Eastern states manoevure in regional power play The danger for Western imperialism is that the mess—and with it the Middle East—escapes anyone’s control, writes Alex Callinicos

Qatar royal family makes moves to control Al Jazeera TV station

Qatari-owned news network Al-Jazeera’s director general has resigned after eight years—only to be replaced by a member of a Qatari royal family.

Arms cash

Chile – BAE secretly paid £1 million to General Pinochet in return for help over arms deals.Romania – The 2003 sale of two ex-Royal Navy frigates saw payments of £7 million in "secret commissions" to clinch the £116 million ship refurbishment deal.Czech Republic – The 2003 sale of Gripen fighter aircraft to the Czech Republic saw the CIA, rival arms companies and the Czech police confirm bribery attempts by BAE.Qatar – After the sale of UK arms to Qatar in 1996, BAE paid a £7 million "commission" into three Jersey trust funds under the cont

Lebanon deal is a blow to US power

The lebanese peace deal, negotiated in Doha, Qatar, last week, has cleared the way for Michel Suleiman, the head of the army, to become president of Lebanon.

Al Jazeera – another view of the conflict

02 December 2006
The Iraq war was notable for the prominent presence of a new, non-Western media organisation – the Qatar-based Arabic channel Al Jazeera. What role did it play during the invasion? And did the presence of an alternative Arabic point of view have any substantial effect on the TV coverage in the West?

Omar Deghayes’ Guantanamo hunger strike diary

24 September 2005
Sunday 3 July Jafallah Mari, the only Qatari prisoner, has fallen in the hunger strike. He was taken to hospital. His weight was 120 pounds, now reduced to 103 pounds.

Building workers win first legal strike in Gulf state

10 September 2005
Some 600 construction workers in the Gulf state of Qatar were celebrating last week after they won the first legal strike in the country’s history.

Peace on earth?

21 December 2002
BILLIONS OF people around the world want peace. Opinion polls show the majority of people in every country apart from the US are against war on Iraq. Yet George Bush is out for blood. Bush has already rubbished the dossier on weapons that Iraq produced. He's ready to order the thousands of US troops in the Gulf state of Qatar to kill and maim ordinary people in Iraq.

WTO, Afghanistan, Pakistan: Only crumbs for the world's poor

24 November 2001
"Coming just a day after the advances in Afghanistan, it signals the determination of the world's community to fight terror with trade, as well as arms." These are the worlds of Patricia Hewitt, New Labour's trade and industry secretary, celebrating the outcome of the World Trade Organisation meeting last week in Doha, Qatar.

The poor get short changed

24 November 2001
Clare Short announced a £20 million package to help poor countries "engage in the World Trade Organisation" during its meeting in Qatar last week. Trade minister Baroness Symons claimed this was a "package of new measures".

World Turned over to Business

10 November 2001
US and British government representatives will make decisions this week which will kill poor people as surely as they are doing in Afghanistan. The key votes will come at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) talks in the Middle Eastern state of Qatar. This is a meeting designed to defend and extend the multinationals' stranglehold on production and trade.

World Trade Organisation: Their system kills poor across globe

03 November 2001
The number of people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia living on $1 a day or less leapt from seven million to 24 million from 1990 to 1998. That is the backdrop to the conference of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in the Gulf state of Qatar next week.

The economic counterpart to Bush's war

20 October 2001
THE LEADERS of the world's richest countries are just over two weeks away from a meeting aimed at pumping more money out of the poorest people across the globe. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) is due to meet in Qatar, a despotic regime in the Middle East, in the second week of November.

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