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Nicolae Ceausescu—death of brutal dictator was a Christmas gift

Nicolae Ceausescu—death of brutal dictator was a Christmas gift Stalinist regimes across Eastern Europe fell in 1989, but Romania was the icing on the Xmas cake says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Protests in Romania call for the government to go

Protests in Romania call for the government to go A government decree watering down punishments for corruption has sparked large scale protests with thousands taking to the streets.

Mass protests demand Romanian prime minister steps down over 'corruption law'

Mass protests demand Romanian prime minister steps down over corruption law Over 200,000 people took to the streets of Bucharest in Romaniaon Sunday night.A further 300,000 marched in towns and cities across the country, including 40,000 in Timisoara and 45,000 in Cluj-Napoca.

Protest against raids on Roma

Roma people and their supporters are preparing for a protest to defend Roma from raids and harassment.

Roma victims remembered as racist violence returns

Romanian Roma and others gathered at the Hyde Park Holocaust Memorial in central London on Friday two weeks ago.

Police, Adjective

Cristi is a police officer stalking and staking out a gang of young drug offenders in a small town in Romania. He is reluctant to prosecute them as this would ruin their lives and the law will soon change.

Arms cash

09 February 2010
Chile – BAE secretly paid £1 million to General Pinochet in return for help over arms deals.Romania – The 2003 sale of two ex-Royal Navy frigates saw payments of £7 million in "secret commissions" to clinch the £116 million ship refurbishment deal.Czech Republic – The 2003 sale of Gripen fighter aircraft to the Czech Republic saw the CIA, rival arms companies and the Czech police confirm bribery attempts by BAE.Qatar – After the sale of UK arms to Qatar in 1996, BAE paid a £7 million "commission" into three Jersey trust funds under the cont

Attacks on Romanians in Belfast reflect the sectarian state

18 June 2009
The simmering sectarianism that still dominates Northern Ireland has boiled over this week with more than 100 Romanians forced out of their homes in a series of racist attacks in Belfast.

Solidarity with Romanian families in Belfast

17 June 2009
Email messages of support to the chair of the Anti-racism network in Belfast <a href=""></a>

A very high price for Nato expansion

01 April 2008
George Bush arrived in Romania for a Nato summit this week backing applications from Ukraine and Georgia to join the US-led military alliance. The expansion of Nato to Russia’s borders has been key to the "new Cold War" between the US and Russia.

A new left for eastern Europe

05 February 2008
In 1989 one party regimes crumbled in six countries in Eastern Europe. Within a few weeks there were massive political changes in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania. The Eastern Bloc, which the Soviet Union had dominated, was finished.

Roma: blaming the victims in Slough

22 May 2007
"A flood of Romanian gypsy children has left a British town facing financial crisis," screamed the Daily Mail last week. "Roma children flood into Slough," said the BBC.


04 November 2006
New wave of xenophobia The possibility of Romanians and Bulgarians being able to travel to seek work when their countries join the European Union (EU) in the new year has been greeted by the usual xenophobic noises.

Another stir of the toxic mix - New Labour and workers from Romania and Bulgaria

04 November 2006
Labour’s long anticipated approach to the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the European Union (EU) was announced last week. As expected, Home Secretary John Reid has opted for various restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians working in Britain.

New Labour attacks migrants from Bulgaria and Romania

28 October 2006
Not content with whipping up Islamophobia, New Labour is now targeting workers from Bulgaria and Romania.

Blame the rich, not migrant workers

26 August 2006
Amid the slew of lies about the "crisis" that will be caused by "floods of immigrants" who are threatening to arrive from Romania and Bulgaria (lies echoed by all the major parties), it is important to restate some basic facts.

Adrian Stan campaign

24 June 2006
Romanian refugee Adrian Stan would have been dumped on a plane to Bucharest were it not for the action of local campaigners.

Ukraine’s Brutal History

04 December 2004
Ukraine means "borderland". It suggests a country far away from the heart of Europe. But many Ukrainians believe they live in the middle of Europe—and they have a point. The Ukraine may have a huge border with Russia, but it also touches Belarus, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Romania, as well as Moldova.

‘It all started with a bad experience in Romania’

30 October 2004
The whole thing began for me in November 2002 after a rather bruising experience in Bucharest, Romania.

Labour and Mittal steel: favours just for business friends

23 February 2002
Trade Unions give money to New Labour and get kicked. Businessmen hand over cash and get favours. That's what has been revealed around the scandal of the £125,000 donation to the government by steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal. Mittal wanted to buy a privatised Romanian steel plant last year. He made a donation to New Labour's election campaign.

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