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Russia’s sexual revolution after 1917

16 February 2010
The Russian Revolution of 1917 changed the lives of gay men and lesbians. Russia became a beacon for workers, the poor and oppressed who saw for the first time how society could be run for the benefit of all.

Eastern Europe's exposure to crisis

12 January 2010
The economic crisis that has swept Eastern Europe and Russia was the ghost at the feast at last year’s celebrations of the anniversary of the 1989 revolutions.

Socialist Worker Appeal: Christmas competition

01 December 2009
The Socialist Worker Appeal team has put together a great selection of gift ideas for this Christmas, ranging from coffee sets to T-shirts, a Big Red Diary to jewellery, mugs to a Russian Revolution snowstorm.

Russia was a crucible for new development

15 September 2009
Most socialists dream of taking part in a revolution. The revolutionary Leon Trotsky was involved in two, playing a leading role in the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917.

How Afghanistan became the graveyard of the Russian empire

08 September 2009
In the early 1990s a common sight in the Moscow metro was young men in military uniform begging for money. They had no legs. These were some of the victims of Russia’s disastrous occupation of Afghanistan.

Stalin’s unholy alliance with Hitler

01 September 2009
When German foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop arrived in Moscow in August 1939 to meet his Russian counterpart, Russian dictator Joseph Stalin turned out to greet him.

Stalin’s Nemesis: The Exile and Murder of Leon Trotsky

21 July 2009
At 4am on 24 May 1940 machine gun bullets tore through the bedroom where the exiled Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky and his wife Natalia were sleeping.

The united front: unity in action

09 June 2009
Newspapers report that Labour Party members conspiring to end Gordon Brown’s leadership have taken to quoting the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky’s phrase – "March separately, strike together".

Ship’s crew stranded without pay

19 May 2009
The Russian crew of the freighter OMG Kolpino have now been marooned in Avonmouth docks for over two months.

Rodchenko and Popova: Defining Constructivism

17 February 2009
At the centre of the Tate Modern’s new exhibition is a reconstruction of 5x5=25, a 1921 show by the Russian artist Alexander Rodchenko.

Russian protests at the economic crisis

03 February 2009
Defying riot police, protesters took to the streets of Vladivostok, Moscow and other Russian cities in protest at the economic crisis.

Uniting in struggle: John Riddell on the Communist International in 1922

18 November 2008
In 1922 socialists from around the world travelled to Russia to discuss and debate the future of the workers' movement.

Orwell’s Animal Farm takes the stage

28 October 2008
George Orwell’s "fairy story" Animal Farm stands as one of the most powerful indictments of Stalinist Russia.

It's time to take on threat of Nato, vows CND conference

21 October 2008
On 4 April next year the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) will celebrate its 60th anniversary. It pretends to be a defensive military alliance – but the recent conflict between Georgia and Russia shows the true purpose of Nato and why the peace movement must oppose its existence.

Cold War Modern: Design 1945-1970

14 October 2008
This period from the end of the Second World War to the mid-1970s was one of great political tension and exceptional creativity that touched all aspects of life. This exhibition explores the design of both sides in the Cold War between the superpowers of Russia and the US.

Burn After Reading

14 October 2008
This film verges on spoof. Two scatty gym workers find the autobiography of a recently sacked FBI agent and attempt to bribe and blackmail him while selling the information to Russian intelligence.

Turmoil on Wall Street hammers Moscow’s markets

30 September 2008
The shockwaves from the US credit crisis have started to crash into Russia’s economy.

New Labour banging war drums - again

02 September 2008
The new Labour government is leading the West’s war of words against Russia in its dispute with Georgia.

Western leaders panic at their plight in Afghanistan

26 August 2008
The occupation of Afghanistan has entered a new and deeper crisis. A rising number of sophisticated attacks on foreign troops, combined with a growing rebellion in Pakistan and Russia's crushing of Nato ally Georgia, have raised the prospect that the occupation is heading for defeat.

George Bush is the real loser in the latest Caucasus war

26 August 2008
Now that the dust is beginning to settle, what are the long term consequences of the war between Russia and Georgia?

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