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The art of intervening in shifting struggle

26 June 2007
The revolution in Russia in February 1917 created a very unstable situation with two sources of power – the provisional government and the soviets, or workers’ councils. Lenin called this "dual power".

Facing the tests of war and revolution

20 June 2007
The First World War placed an enormous strain on Tsarist Russia.

The US and cold war strategy

12 June 2007
Recent headlines have warned of a "new Cold War" between the US and Russia. It is a chilling prospect. The Cold War, which began in 1947 with the US’s Truman Doctrine, marked a shift in US policy against Russia and brought the world closer to destruction than it has ever been.

American Torture: the US and the abuse of prisoners

01 May 2007
Abusing hooded prisoners is not the work a few rogue soldiers, but a systemic US policy of torture that dates back to the start of the Cold War. The US military watched with interest the Russian show trials of the 1930s and 1940s, in which opponents of the regime stood up and admitted to anything and everything they were accused of.

Boris Yeltsin 1931-2007

24 April 2007
The media reaction to the death of former Russian president Boris Yeltsin was curiously split. Right wing newspapers couldn’t decide whether to celebrate Yeltsin as "the man who brought down Communism" or lampoon him as a drunken fool who wrecked Russia’s economy.

The Russian artists who drew Futurism to the left

31 March 2007
Socialists have often felt rather uncomfortable with Futurism. This Italian art movement, founded in 1909, sang the praises of new technology, aeroplanes and the mass media – but it also exalted war and colonialism.

9th Company | Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

24 February 2007
9th CompanyDirected by Fyodor BondarchukFilm out now Set during the Soviet Union’s ill-fated Afghanistan war in the 1980s, Fyodor Bondarchuk’s film 9th Company is Russia’s equivalent to the Deer Hunter, Full Metal Jacket and Apocalypse Now films.

Sexual liberation and the Russian Revolution

20 January 2007
The modern gay rights movement began in 1969 with the Stonewall riots in New York.

Street art 2: Russia 1917 – public festivals

16 December 2006
The creative flowering that followed the Russian Revolution of 1917 is an extraordinary example of how art can play a major part in the struggle for a better society.

Alexander Litvinenko and Russia’s killing game

09 December 2006
After the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya in October, I predicted that there would be a follow up to this story. Unfortunately, I was right.

From Russia with mirth – the media and the poisoned spy

02 December 2006
Socialist Worker has been leaked the details of a conversation overheard in the editor’s office at a popular newspaper.

Hungary 1956: autumn of hope

28 October 2006
More than any other event, Hungary’s revolution in 1956 revealed the real nature of the Soviet bloc’s "socialism". What had begun in Russia in 1917 as a genuine workers revolution had, under Joseph Stalin, degenerated into an imperial system imposed by force and defended by tanks.

Reports round-up

21 October 2006
NUJ protest at Russian embassy The NUJ journalist’s union protested outside the Russian embassy in London last Saturday, over the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Korea: a history of division

21 October 2006
North Korea is facing threats from the West over its recent nuclear testing. Owen Miller looks at the history of a country torn apart by the superpowers

Labour in cartoons 2: 1924 - The Trojan horse

21 October 2006
The end of the First World War coincided with a huge wave of workers’ uprisings across Europe, fuelled by the Bolsheviks coming to power in the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Pierre Broué: The German Revolution, 1917-1923

14 October 2006
Pierre Broué’s brilliant Marxist history of the German Revolution has just been published as an English language paperback. Ian Birchall introduces two extracts from the book

Anna Politkovskaya: Putin and the reporter he killed

14 October 2006
Anna Politkovskaya, the journalist murdered by a hit-man in Moscow last Saturday, was Russia’s Robert Fisk. At great personal risk she reported Russia’s criminal occupation of Chechnya.

The Russian Revolution and national freedom

09 September 2006
We live during a new wave of struggles for national freedom and dignity, expressed most strongly in the Middle East and Latin America, but finding a reflection in the heartlands of imperialism.

Challenging the Russian transnationals

05 August 2006
Boris Kagarlitsky said, "The rise of Russian transnationals has created a new stage in Russian capitalism. The left must address this. At an early stage oligarchic groups formed around bank, oil, and gas companies.

Tony Cliff on the roots of Israel’s violence

29 July 2006
Looking back on my own experience in Palestine I can see how today’s horror grew from small beginnings. Zionism, Jewish separateness and the belief in a Jewish homeland, have developed into state violence. My parents were pioneering Zionists, leaving Russia for Palestine in 1902 to join a total Zionist population of a few thousand.

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