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Russia: anger erupts after election

06 March 2012
Around 20,000 people protested in Pushkin Square in central Moscow on Monday against Vladimir Putin’s claim to have won the presidential election.

Alexandra Kollontai: defining International Women's Day

06 March 2012
A celebration of International Women’s Day in February 1917 was the spark that ignited the Russian Revolution.

Determined Russians demand the removal of Putin

07 February 2012
An angry crowd of more than 100,000 people surged through Moscow last Saturday demanding fair elections.

From peasants to workers

17 January 2012
Russia’s revolutionary movement at the turn of the century was shaped by the country’s large peasantry and small and historically young working class.

The birth of the Bolshevik party

17 January 2012
The Bolshevik party—the party that led the 1917 Russian Revolution—was formed a century ago this month. It did not emerge from nowhere. The Bolsheviks split with the Mensheviks, ending a period in which the two groups had been factions inside the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP).

Russia rocked by anti-Putin protests

13 December 2011
At least 80,000 people protested in Moscow last Saturday against the falsification of parliamentary election results.


06 December 2011
Mikhail Bulgakov, the Russian dramatist, routinely had his plays banned by the Stalinist authorities in Russia.

Taliban had US blessing

04 October 2011
Russian troops killed between 500,000 and a million Afghans between 1979 and 1989—and discredited the left for a generation. The opposition Mujahideen groups that drove them out then collapsed into warring factions.

The Mother

23 August 2011
A mother in Tsarist Russia is drawn into political activism when she sees the state’s treatment of revolutionary workers.

Crisis of capitalism is far from over

09 August 2011
Leon Trotsky paints a brilliant portrait of the last tsar, Nicholas II, in his great History of the Russian Revolution. He treats Nicholas’s weakness, malice, and stupidity as symptoms of a decaying regime.

Lucian Freud – passing of a master

26 July 2011
Lucian Freud, who died last week at the age of 88, was one of the most famous artists in the world in the second half of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century. He was hugely successful, which in terms of the contemporary art world means hugely successful with the bourgeoisie. In 2008 one of his paintings, Benefits Supervisor Sleeping, was bought by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, for £17 million—the largest sum ever paid for a work by a living artist.

Egyptian Revolution: ‘None of us in our wildest dreams could have imagined what happened that day’

28 June 2011
As the Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin said, "There are decades when nothing happens; and there are weeks when decades happen."

Battleship Potemkin (1925)

03 May 2011
The restored version of Sergei Eisenstein’s classic silent film about a naval mutiny in the 1905 Russian Revolution can now be seen on the big screen.

Revolution? In Britain?

15 March 2011
If 2011 were to end tomorrow, it would already constitute one of the great years of revolution. Already we have witnessed, to borrow a phrase from the Russian Marxist Leon Trotsky, "the forcible entry of the masses into the realm of rulership over their own destiny"—the hallmark of revolution.

Russia in revolution: Taking power

15 February 2011
The light of the Russian Revolution of 1917, the only successful workers’ insurrection in history so far, still burns bright almost 100 years on. Its story contains lessons for all those fighting for change today.

Is this a revolution or just a coup?

15 February 2011
Leon Trotsky recalls in his memoirs that, immediately after the Russian Revolution of October 1917, Lenin said to him in German, "Es schwindelt"—"It makes one dizzy."

Russia could use Moscow bombs to justify a new crackdown

25 January 2011
The bombing of Russia’s Domodedovo airport in Moscow, which saw at least 35 people killed and more than 100 injured, was blamed on "Islamic terrorists" from the Caucasus region.

Trotsky: Preserving Marxism for the future battles

18 January 2011
The struggle against Stalinism was not confined to Russia. Leon Trotsky’s view that Stalinism was counter‑revolutionary in Russia led him to the conclusion that it would have the same effect internationally.

Fighting the Stalinist distortion of socialism

11 January 2011
Leon Trotsky led the struggle against Joseph Stalin’s counter-revolution. This battle began in 1923, six years after the Russian Revolution.

Leon Trotsky: Workers can make revolution permanent

04 January 2011
Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) was murdered 70 years ago by an agent of Russian dictator Joseph Stalin.

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