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Climate change

Radical climate action is more than slogans

09 November 2021
System change not climate change is the only solution

Failures at Cop26 will fuel the climate collapse

09 November 2021
No solutions to solve the climate crisis will be made at Cop26

Glasgow strikers say why it’s right to fight over pay—and climate change

07 November 2021
A scabbing operation was foiled when workers refused to cross picket lines.

Rage at world leaders’ climate inaction at Cop26 fills streets of Glasgow

06 November 2021
Radical demands dominated the Cop26 protests

20,000 London protesters demand climate action—and thousands march in other cities

06 November 2021
One protester said, "We can't stay in our living rooms anymore and ignore climate change."

Tens of thousands join climate strike in Glasgow during Cop26

05 November 2021
It was the biggest climate strike since 2019

Angry protests confront ‘greenwashing’ at Cop26

04 November 2021
Activists are taking on the climate criminals

Coal mine bosses rake in bumper profits as politicians shaft planet

04 November 2021
Coal companies’ share prices are soaring

Solidarity grows for Glasgow refuse strike as SNP threatens scab army

03 November 2021
Glasgow refuse strikers are defiant

We have to change the world in order to save it

02 November 2021
The revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg denounced a system that had produced “fertile plains of death on which profits can grow”

Protesters demand real action while leaders dine

02 November 2021
After a long day of climate inaction, world leaders enjoyed a lavish meal inside the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum on Monday.

Competition between states grows sharper

02 November 2021
Boris Johnson is puffing himself up as a world statesman for the Cop26 conference. But the ridiculous squabble with France over fishing rights off British coasts shows the lies behind his posturing.

Protests and strikes take on the COP26 conference

01 November 2021
Protests at the Cop26 ­climate conference kicked off last weekend as world leaders started to arrive in Glasgow.

As planet burns, our rulers can only offer hot air

31 October 2021
Only the most radical measures can save us, says Sophie Squire

Greta Thunberg and striking workers to unite at Cop26 protests in Glasgow

28 October 2021
Greta Thunberg will join strikes and protests outside the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow.

World leaders lobby for fossil fuels before Cop26 summit

25 October 2021
With just days to go before the Cop26 climate conference, world leaders are already weakening their climate promises and protecting the fossil fuel industry.

An abusive police officer is allowed to keep name secret

25 October 2021
A male police officer who harassed a female domestic abuse victim has been granted lifelong anonymity to “protect his welfare”.

Cop26 conference—‘We’re turning Glasgow into a city in revolt’

22 October 2021
For months, activists from disparate campaigns and backgrounds have been working to mount a challenge to the climate criminals visiting Glasgow in November.

It’s right to strike during the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow

18 October 2021
Groups of workers are preparing to strike in Glasgow during the Cop26 international climate ­conference. They are right to do so.

26 reasons to protest at Cop26

17 October 2021
The United Nations Climate Change Conference, or Cop26, in Glasgow is less than two weeks away. Join the protests, rage at the world leaders who lock in further climate destruction and organise to win action

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